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Abercrombie Street upgrade

An upgrade of the southern side of Abercrombie Street and a scoping study for the northern side was approved by Council at its February meeting. The upgrade involves the widening and paving of the southern side of Abercrombie Street between Ivy Street and Shepherd Street including the undergrounding of electricity delivery to buildings on the southern side writes Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of March 2012.

The report to council based on feedback from exhibition in October excluded many resident suggestions. The proposal remains confined to the southern side of Abercrombie Street and looks like an upgrade of the walking strip rather than a whole Village Upgrade. Following feedback a flush road treatment at Ivy Street was added at the Council meeting. A raised threshold wasn’t considered possible due to “storm water drainage constraints and Roads Authority technical requirements”. Councillors Doutney and McInerney proposed an amended motion, which was unanimously supported, that a scoping report be prepared for Council covering the areas excluded from the current plan.

Requests for a seat in memory of Trevor Davies during the consultation have been noted and will be referred to Council’s Plaques Group for consideration. If accepted a plaque in memory of Trevor could be incorporated.

More details from: www.redwatch.

Source: South Sydney Herald March 2012 -