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RWA Involvement

Given their overlapping areas and responsibilities the CoS and the RWA need to have a working relationship
City of Sydney Involvement in the RWA
To understand the current relationship between the CoS and the RWA it is helpful to have a little background of some of the factors that have influenced how the relationship has emerged. From a residents perspective ideally the CoS and RWA should work together so that residents have, as much as it is possible, the same rights and proceedures under both administrations.
RWA Page on City of Sydney Web site
This is the link to the section of the City of Sydney web site that deals with the RWA.
Redfern Waterloo Community Safety Plan
The Redfern Waterloo Community Safety Plan was produced by the Community Safety Task Force. While this was a RWPP Task Force it was convened and serviced by South Sydney Council. With the Council amalgamation the Safety Plan was taken over by the CoS and it currently is displayed on the CoS web site. We have included it on the REDWatch site with section details to assist you find areas of interest within the report.