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Sustainable Sydney 2030

The City of Sydney Council commenced a long term planning project for Sydney in 2007 and made public their Draft Sustainable Sydney 2030 Plan on 26th March 2008. Following the report being considered by Council it will go on exhibition from April 17 to may 31 2008. Here we have some links to the documents on exhibition and a summary showing specific references to Redfern Waterloo.
Sustainable Sydney 2030 Links
File References to Redfern Waterloo Area in Sustainable Sydney 2030
This document has been complied from the City of Sydney’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 Draft Plan. This compilation is designed to provide those with an interest in Redfern Waterloo with information about specific references to the area in the Sydney 2030 draft documents. Key localities are in bold. MS Word 210Kb.
File Activity Hubs Proposal
This is an extract of Sustainable Sydney 2030 Priority 6.2 that deals with the proposed activity hubs (901Kb PDF). This PDF is extracted from Supporting Documentation 06 Local Communities.
File Eora Journey - Pathways from the Harbour to Redfern
This is a project Idea from Sustainable Sydney 2030 which envisages a "Cultural Walk" between Redfern and the Harbour. It includes the proposal for an Australian Indigenous Centre (837 Kb PDF). This PDF is extracted from Pages 248-9 of Supporting document 07 Cultural Creative.
City Moves to new Village Hubs & Seeks Community Input
The City of Sydney Council has divided the City into 10 village Groups in line with the proposals first outlined in 2008 in the Council's 2030 Strategy. The new Redfern Street "village group" includes the suburbs of Chippendale, Darlington and Eveleigh as well as Redfern west of Chalmers Street / Redfern Oval, Waterloo north of McEvoy and west of young Street as well as Alexandria north of Buckland and Copeland Streets.