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City Moves to new Village Hubs & Seeks Community Input

The City of Sydney Council has divided the City into 10 village Groups in line with the proposals first outlined in 2008 in the Council's 2030 Strategy. The new Redfern Street "village group" includes the suburbs of Chippendale, Darlington and Eveleigh as well as Redfern west of Chalmers Street / Redfern Oval, Waterloo north of McEvoy and west of young Street as well as Alexandria north of Buckland and Copeland Streets.

As part of the change Council is looking for input from local communities about their community. This information will be used to develop plans for the Village Groups. The last time Council sort such information they used it to develop the Local Action Plans which set the Council agenda for work in local communities. It is hence very important that residents take this opportunity to tell Council about their local community and what they would like to see Council do in their community.

Council officers currently are compiling a cross-disiplinary list of initiatives completed, underway or budgeted in each area as an initial frame for what is going on locally. Brochures that include these lists should be on the website mid-January.

The village plans themselves will come together over the coming four or five months with input/suggestions/vision from groups like REDWatch and others in the community about projects where communities would like support or facilitation, or ideas that form part of a longer term vision for the community, things that may have been missed etc.

The timing at this stage is that we will be compiling all the suggestions /proposals over January and February, community forums will be run in each area in March, and draft plans will go to Council around May (and be exhibited for community comment) .

You can find out about the new "Village Groups" and how to make a submission at You can also make a submission by filling in this form

One of the first studies done on the new boundaries was the Redfern Street Village Centre study (PDF 445Kb)

Council has circulated the flyer below to encourage community involvement. Please note that the wording used below was incorrect and there are as yet no finalised 'preliminary plans' these as explained above are expected in mid January.

2030 in Your Village

The City of Sydney includes diverse villages and neighbourhoods, each known for their distinctive characteristics.

These villages and neighbourhoods are at the heart of our Sustainable Sydney 2030 plan. When developing the plan, we envisioned them as places where you can walk or ride a bike for most of the shops and services you need, take time out in a leafy park or enjoy a community event.

We invite you to be involved in planning the next stage of the future of your neighbourhood and village.

Our villages are as equally important for the culture and economy of our city as the CBD.

In 2005/2006, we developed Local Action Plans (LAP) in consultation with you to honour our City of Villages commitment. Most LAP projects are underway or complete, including new facilities, parks and street improvements.

We again consulted in 2007 to develop Sustainable Sydney 2030 – our long term vision to make Sydney environmentally, economically, socially
and culturally sustainable.

Many new residents and businesses have made Sydney their home since 2007. As the City develops new community-based projects we again invite
you to work with us.

We have prepared preliminary plans for discussion and comment.

They reflect our work so far and capture what we already know about your neighbourhood.

You can see them at and follow the prompts to have your say or send your feedback to City of Sydney Village Planning Team, Town Hall House, 456 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000.

Following your comment and feedback, we will prepare draft plans to discuss with you at a workshop in early 2012. After the workshops, we will
develop proposals for Council’s consideration and funding in future budgets.

Clover Moore MP Lord Mayor

Many of the 10 village groups the City of Sydney has identified share a major main street. Village groups will help Council manage how they work to provide services and fairly allocate funding. The Ten village Groups are:

  • CBD & Harbour
  • Chinatown & CBD South
  • Crown & Baptist Streets
  • Glebe Point Road
  • Green Square & City South
  • Harris Street
  • King Street
  • Macleay Street & Woolloomooloo
  • Oxford Street
  • Redfern Street
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