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Premier Carr on Future of Redfern

Extract of Speech by NSW Premier Bob Carr at The Committee for Sydney Forum on Sydney 19th February 2004. In talking about future growth centres in Sydney the Premier made the following observations on where he saw Redfern going in the next 25 years.
A lot of Sydney’s growth too will go to Redfern.

Redfern’s in the news, looking 25 years ahead major commercial redevelopment of Redfern.

It’s inevitable.

First because of the public transport focus, second because of its proximity to the investment being rolled out of the Australian Technology Park and three because it is the obvious place to take a rollover, spill over of the commercial investment in Sydney’s Central Business District.

For those of you investing in property, the compression in Sydney’s CBD will be relieved by the growth of the centres and the movement of investment to Redfern.

If you want to measure of how the quality of life will be better pollution totally banished, sustainability written into all our planning and all our development but third a massive enhancement of our cultural facilities.

Now think how far we’ve come by way of measurement in the last 25 years.

You go back 25 years and Darling Harbour was a railway goods yard, can you believe it.

There was a rotting, crumbling corrugated iron railway goods yard at Darling Harbour.

The Conservatorium of Music was a disgrace, water logged, rundown, third world conditions.

The Finger Wharves at Walsh Bay were rotting away, Woolloomooloo too.

In the area between Sydney and its Airport you had an old fashioned crumbling industrial structure with tanneries generating an noisome environment.

Hard to believe.

That was the old clapped out economy.

The new Sydney’s we’ve got reflects the new transformed economically liberalised society we Australians of our generation have built for ourselves.

A similar transformation will take place over the next 25 years.