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RED Strategy Community Consultation Program

At the December 2003 Community Forum a proposed Consultation Program, which set out how the future consultation on the RED Strategy would be undertaken, was presented to the community by the RWPP. In stead of following this process the government decided to set up the RWA and not bring the Strategy back for community consultation or to put it through local council.


Draft Red Strategy to be displayed at South Sydney City Council for 28 days, the display will be staffed for specific times. Copies of the Draft Strategy will be available for the community and Feed back forms will be used to gather the community's responses. For those members of the community who are not comfortable with providing a written response, verbal interviews will be available.

A travelling Draft RED Strategy display will be set up around the community at the main gathering places, including out of hours venues eg. Redfern Street, Surrey Hills Shopping Mall, Alexandria Park School, Redfern Station, Waterloo Shops, Abercrombie Street shops.

RWPP Newsletter focused on RED Strategy.

Draft Red Strategy to be posted on the RWPP Website.


Focus groups will be held for specific community members to ensure widespread community involvement as follows:

           Chinese Community

           Russian Community

           Lebanese Community

           Pacific Islander Community

           Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Community

           Young people

           Education community Senior citizens

           University students

           Public Housing Tenants

           Business Community


Public Discussion Groups will be held on each of the major issues impacting on the RED area as follows:

           Redevelopment of Redfern Railway Station

           Creation of Pedestrian & Bicycle linkages across rail lines

           Provision of Affordable Housing

           Community Transport

           Revitalisation of Town Centre

           Enhancement of Public Domain

           Increased local employment opportunities

           Development of a Cultural Precinct

           Reducing the Impacts of Regional Traffic


Facilitated debate of the RED Strategy by the Redfern/Waterloo Community Council.

Presentation of the RED Strategy at the Community Forum.

Presentation of the RED Strategy to local taskforces, interagency and public forums. Presentation of Red Strategy at community festivals.