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This is the text of the first undated RED STRATEGY STRATEGIC PLANNING FRAMEWORK. It provides an overview from the consultants of what the RED consultations were about.

The RED Strategy is one of the many initiatives being undertaken by the Redfern Waterloo Partnership Project. The partnership is a unique whole of Government, whole of community approach to develop effective and long-term solutions to address the complex range of issues within Redfern & Waterloo. The outcome of the RED Strategy will be a strategic plan that will enable a coordinated approach to infrastructure development throughout Redfern, Eveleigh, Darlington and Waterloo.

The plan will aim to:

  • Identify redevelopment opportunities        
  • Improve public amenity and safety
  • Enhance employment opportunities        
  • Encourage diversity of housing
  • Revitalise shopping areas          
  • Address transport issues
  • Optimise the location of services
  • Explore future options for Redfern Station

There is no single short-term solution to the issues facing the RED area. Many of the strategies that have been identified will take a number of years to implement. Some of the draft principles that have been developed so far in response to these issues follow.


Maximise employment opportunities around Redfern Station:

Redfern Station is the most accessible station after Central on the metropolitan rail network. The RED area has the advantage of being close to three major universities and the CBD. Key sites adjacent to Redfern Station including ATP, the railway yards, the air space above the station, Council depots and the TNT car park all have significant potential to be redeveloped to provide substantial employment in the area.

An increase in the number of people working in the area will help boost the viability and diversity of retail and service outlets. A high rate of commercial activity will contribute to funding improvements to the public domain. Increased activity in the area will also provide opportunities for casual surveillance assisting to minimise crime and anti social behaviour.


Revitalise Redfern Town Centre

Redfern & Regent Streets should be restored to their former role as the retail and commercial centre of the RED area. This would provide a focal point for civic identity and activity. Potential improvements include:

  • Removal of power poles and overhead wires
  • Intensive street lighting and surveillance
  • Coordinated colour schemes and street furniture
  • Preservation of heritage buildings
  • Two way local traffic and short-term parking
  • Encouragement of sympathetic development
  • Footpath widening and tree planting
  • Public art

The town centre would be directly linked to the Railway Station and a plaza area (RED Square) constructed over the railway line at the Lawson Street bridge to physically connect the town centre with the proposed AHC redevelopment of the Block.

Redfern Town Centre to be free of Regional traffic Impacts

An opportunity exists to place through traffic using Regent and Gibbons St in tunnels under the railway precinct. This will allow the railway precinct to become the true heart of RED offering outstanding urban design opportunities. Currently the high volume of traffic using these streets prevents direct and safe pedestrian access between the railway station and adjacent areas. The existing traffic situation also impacts severely upon the amenity of shoppers using these strips.

Removing through-traffic would assist retailers by permitting short term parking and creating a more attractive destination for customers. Diverting additional through vehicles to the ring system around RED i.e. Cleveland McEvoy and King Streets will reduce the incidence of "rat running" through the area to avoid the Eastern Distributor toll.


Public Transport to Support Redfern Town Centre and Station Precinct.

Currently many local bus routes don't serve the local population. To ensure the Town Center and railway station are linked with Green Square, Erskineville & Macdonaldtown Stations; Redfern Oval, ATP, Sydney University and major housing estates, there is a need for a local community bus route to operate within a 400 metre radius of all households in the RED area.

A model for this service is the Central Area Transport system operating in Perth. Potential also exists to extend the Sydney Light Rail network into the eastern sector of the RED area. Regular and safe services would facilitate the use of public transport and reduce reliance on private transport.


Improved Streetscape and Parks

A number of parks and open spaces exist throughout the RED area. To make best uses of these spaces they need to be joined by a safe, amenable and attractive pedestrian /cycleway network. Other opportunities include:

  • Creating safe and secure public areas by improving lighting. encouraging on street business such as cafes and ensuring parks and streets are visible from surrounding houses and businesses
  • Linking Redfern Park to Redfern Oval to double the amount of accessible open space
  • Joining Waterloo Park with Waterloo Oval through the tunnelling of McEvoy Street
  • Greening streets through planting trees and planter boxes
  • Improving the appearance of public parks and making them enjoyable and usable spaces for all the community
  • Surplus government sites could add to the supply of open space
  • Restoring the original street grid will remove unattractive and unsafe dead end areas. Reopening closed streets and allowing for two-way local traffic will activate streets and increase opportunities for incidental surveillance
  • Footpaths can be widened and tress and shrubs planted to enhance the appearance of the area


Social Mix and Housing

Currently the population of the RED area is around one half of the 40,000 people who lived here in 1945. Over the long term there is potential to redevelop key sites within the RED area for residential use. It is important to maintain a broad and sustainable social mix in Redfern by encouraging a combination of public housing. affordable housing and private housing options.

A number of industrial sites and warehouse conversions will provide additional opportunities for residential development within the RED area.


Growing Community Capability and Infrastructure

As change occurs within the RED area it should be guided by a principle of equitable access to community life. To ensure that all community stakeholders can participate in the life of the area, issues of safety and security must be prioritised.

The RED area will continue to have a large percentage of low-income residents and their needs must be accommodated. Community facilities need to be located in accessible areas and targeted to address specific local circumstances. Community infrastructure needs to be responsive to the diverse needs of the community. Schools, Hospitals and other community facilities need to be retained to reflect the possible increase in the working and residential population of the RED area.

A critical success factor to growing the community's capability will be the recognition of the RED areas' existing cultural diversity. Under the RED strategy there will be a particular emphasis on positioning Redfern as focal area for the arts and cultural sectors.


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