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This is the text of the second undated RED STRATEGY STRATEGIC PLANNING FRAMEWORK leaflet. This one deals with the proposed planning principles.

The RED Strategy Planning Framework is one of a number of initiatives being undertaken by the Redfern Waterloo Partnership Project (RRWP) to address the complex range of issues within the Redfern, Eveleigh, Waterloo & Darlington (RED) area. The main purpose of the planning framework is to outline strong and integrated directions for infrastructure provision and development within the RED area. Physical planning alone cannot solve the problems of the area however the eventual planning framework will be specifically designed to integrate with and complement a number of other programs the RRWP is developing. Together these initiatives will present a comprehensive and coordinated response to enhance both the quality of life and the environment within the RED area.

These other programs include:

           Intensive Family Support Service

           In Home Support for Aboriginal Families Service

           Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Family Counselling Service •   Kids Speak

           Redfem Waterloo Street Team

           Enhancement of the Existing non Government Youth Service Network

           Redfern Waterloo Holiday Program

           Intensive Case Management of High Risk Children and Young People

           Alexandria Park Community School Sports Development Program

           Exchange of Information Protocol

           Anti Drug Strategy

           Community Safety Plan

           Community Engagement- Community Council

           Employment and Enterprise Development

It is important to note that the RED strategy has not been finalised and will continue to evolve in consultation with the RED community and other stakeholders over the next few months. The following draft principles have been refined in response to the community feedback that has been received, however at this stage the principles and strategies are not fixed and are presented to serve as a "springboard for discussion". We welcome community comments and suggestions on how physical planning can best contribute to the ongoing sustainability of the RED area.



Develop a Sustainable Town Centre to Serve the RED Area


  1. Position Redfern as the economic and cultural centre of the area.
  2. Reduce impact of regional traffic on Redfern and Waterloo.
  3. Revitalise the retail strips of Redfern and Regent Streets.
    • Encourage the full range of retail outlets in Redfern and Regents Streets particularly street front businesses and supermarkets.
    • Undertake streetscape improvements.
    • Provide parking opportunities to support easy access to retail precincts.
  4. Increase the number of people living and working in the RED area.
  5. Identify redevelopment opportunities.
  6. Provide development links to North Eveleigh



Capitalise on Redfern station's location in the RED area, infrastructure potential, and position In the Metropolitan rail system to support revitalisation of Redfern Station and Town Centre precincts.


  1. Substantially increase employment within 500m radius of the station.
  2. Connect main railway entrance to town centre.
  3. Provide improved access between the station and Australia Technology Park.
  4. Redevelop the station including a southern concourse providing a strong linkage to North Eveleigh, improved access to Sydney University and the Lawson Street precinct.
  5. Intensify retail and other uses on the station concourse.
  6. Provide for a bus/rail interchange.



Provide a Safe and Activated Public Domain


  1. Provide intensive lighting to preferred pedestrian and cycle ways leading to the town centre. schools, universities and other community facilities.
  2. Built form along these streets will maximise casual surveillance.
  3. Traffic calming mechanisms will be implemented to improve safety and amenity of local streets.
  4. Opportunities for pavement enterprise and small neighbourhood retail precincts will be supported.
  5. Develop community safety strategy for the public domain pending revitalisation of the area through growth
  6. Introduce temporary use strategies for vacant shop fronts eg: shops as gallery spaces.
  7. The railway station precinct to become an integral component of the public domain.



Optimise Social and Economic return from Government Land Holdings


  1. Increase development potential of ATP. North Eveleigh and Redfem Rail Station by exploiting potential synergies.
  2. Create additional development opportunities on rail lands to the north of Redfern Station and West Eveleigh.
  3. Maximise social mix in residential precincts
  4. Maximise retention of surplus government sites in light of current and projected demand for community infrastructure.



Ensure Social Equity in Public Life


  1. Prioritise safety and security.
  2. Facilitate access to economic opportunities for people not in the workforce.
    • Prioritise opportunities for creating local employment and enterprise development.
    • Broker employment partnerships between community and major employers eg: Sydney University.
  3. Provide for efficient and affordable public transport access to local community, recreation, health, education, retail and cultural facilities.
  4. Improve access to Redfern Station thereby facilitating access to regional jobs and facilities.
  5. Ensure supply of community infrastructure to support social, cultural and economic capability of community.
  6. Design of the public domain to ensure opportunities are provided for people with diverse physical, cultural and economic needs are able to use public places.
  7. Improve quantity and level of amenity of local parks and develop linkages with regional open space.



Foster Community Identity


  1. Position Redfern Town Centre as the heart of the area.
  2. Develop shared sense of place through celebration and conservation of the areas' cultural diversity.
  3. Develop initiatives that grow cultural enterprises.
  4. Develop specific locality branding.
  5. Implement thematic unity through treatment of the public domain.



Strengthen Community Cohesion


  1. Implement initiatives in the public domain that build community cohesion eg: Greening the Streets.
  2. Create attractive and safe open spaces and meeting places at the neighbourhood level to promote social interaction.
  3. Reduce concentration of Department of Housing developments without reducing public housing
  4. Reduce impacts of physical barriers that create social barriers eg: arterial roads, rail line, Lawson Street bridge.
  5. Provide places for community celebrations.


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