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RED Strategy October 2003 Newsletter Insert

In October 2003 the RWPP did an insert on RED in their Newsletter which was distributed throughout the area. This is the text of that insert.

Coordinating a response to development


RWPP RED Strategy


The NSW Government has made a commitment to assist in improving the quality of life in the Redfern, Eveleigh, Darlington and Waterloo areas. To this end, the Redfern/Waterloo Partnership Project IRWPPI was established to work with the community to achieve sustainable solutions that address community concerns. This is taking place through a whole-of-government, whole-of-community approach to addressing issues and concerns in the area.


One initiative of the Partnership is the Redfern-Eveleigh-Darlington (RED) Waterloo Strategy. This is a holistic approach to addressing urban renewal, economic revitalisation and improvements in urban amenity for the Redfern, Eveleigh and Darlington precincts. The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources and the Premier's Department are the lead agencies for the RED Strategy.


While the RED area now houses nearly 20,000 people, in 1921 there were over 50,000 people living in the area, and 43,000 in 1947. Opportunities for the population to increase are required to support the revitalisation of the area, particularly with shopping facilities.


The RED Strategy Draft Strategic Framework will be ready for public display and consultation in early November at the Redfern headquarters of South Sydney City Council on Lawson Street.


RED Strategy Principles After a series of public consultations, involving up to 800 community members, the following principles have been approved to guide development of the RED Strategic Framework, which is due for completion in mid 2004.


1. Develop a sustainable town centre to serve the RED area

• Redfern as economic and cultural centre

• reduce impact of regional traffic

• revitalise Redfern and Regent Street retail strips, with more retail outlets, businesses, supermarkets

• improvements to streetscape

• parking opportunities

• more people living and working in area

• links to North Eveleigh


2. Capitalise on Redfern station's location in the RED area, infrastructure potential, and position in the metro¬politan rail system to support revitalis¬ation of Redfern station and town centre precincts

• Link main railway entrance to town centre

• more employment around station

• better access to station

• improve access to Australian Technology park

• southern concourse to link up with North Eveleigh and improve access to Sydney Uni

• retail opportunities at station


3. Provide a safe and activated public domain

• Better lighting, surveillance and increased routes for pedestrians and cyclists

• traffic calming

• community safety strategy

• improve parks and improve linkages with open space


4. Optimise social and economic return from Government land holdings

• Increase development potential of ATP, North Eveleigh and Redfern station

• facilitate sustainable, balanced and diverse social mix in residential precincts

• retain Government owned sites to meet the future need for community infrastructure


5. Ensure social equity in public live

• Prioritise safety and security

• improved employment opportunities in the area and reduce unemployment • broker employment partnerships

• develop infrastructure to support social, cultural and economic capability

• improve public domain access for people with diverse physicat, cultural and economic needs


6. Foster community identity

• Town centre

• celebrate cultural, industrial and build heritage

• grow cultural enterprises • foster local identity

• thematic unity in public domain


7. Strengthen community cohesion

• Greening the streets, creation of safe open and attractive spaces and meeting place at neighbourhood level to promote social interaction

• facilitate a diverse. sustainable social and residential mix including affordable housing

• maintain public housing

• reduce impacts of arterial roads, rail line, Lawson Street Bridge

• places for community celebrations


To have your say on these principles please see 'What we asked' overleaf.

You can email your answers to the RWPP: or fax them on 9310 7741.


What you told us


In general the RED Strategy consultations have aroused great interest and many community members see them as an opportunity to inform the RWPP and the NSW Government that they want the unique diversity of the area to be preserved as development brings more and more people into the area.


The following are some of the comments received by RWPP at its August consultation and feedback session:


On the kind of business and employment activities that should be encouraged in the RED area:

'Those that encourage the patronage of local residents and serve the local community as many low income earners and others do not have private transport and rely on local shops for all their needs. Those that employ local people and attract outsiders. Resident, Phillip Street, Redfern


On the three most important issues that needed consideration as change occurred in the RED area:

'Demand for amenity and entertainment. Demand for housing choice. Ecologically sustainable development.' Resident, Wellington Street, Waterloo


On how the RED area should be in 10 years time:

'Like Chapel Street in Melbourne- lots of shops including cinema, good transport, safe, community oriented, contemporary architecture.’ Resident, Telopea Street, East Redfern

'Safer, greener, community orientated with locals gathering in cafes, pubs etc.' Business operator, Redfern Street


On how important it is to maintain a diverse social mix and provide a variety of public housing, affordable housing and private housing options:

'Very important and that social mix is not overshadowed or outgunned by the more advantaged sector of the community. Resident, Caroline Street, Redfern


On the created Town Centre:

It should be an enjoyable place to be, safe and contain a wide variety of businesses. Well lit and have significant landscaping. Resident, Turner Street, Redfern


On the streetscape and public spaces in the RED area:

More trees, more native strips on pavements, more planter boxes, a community garden.' Resident, Edward Street, Darlington


What we asked

The RED Strategy welcomes your input on the principles that will guide development of the strategic framework for the area.

I. Which planning principles/strategies do you think best address the issues and needs of the RED (Redfern - Eveleigh - Darlington -Waterloo) community? Why?

2. Which planning principles/strategies do you feel least address the issues and needs of the RED community? How could these be improved?

3. From the material you have seen today, are there any other areas or issues you think the planning principles/strategies should address?

4. Do you have any other comments?

5. Which category best describes you? (Please tick one or more)

O A resident or residential property owner in (street name)

in (please tick)

O Redfern          O East Redfern  O Waterloo

O Darlington      O Eveleigh         O North Redfern

O A business operator or commercial property owner in the RED area

O Other (organisation etc) ..........................................................................................


For further information about the RED Strategy please see the RWPP website at:  or send your name and address to: RWPP. Unit 1/44-70 Rosehill Street, Redfern, NSW 2016.

Contact: Denny Hall, RWPP team, on 9698 0911.