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RWPP Description of RED Strategy

This text is a copy of what appeared on the RWPP website to describe the RED Strategy to the community




The NSW Government has made a commitment to assist in improving the quality of life in the Redfern and Waterloo areas. To this end, the Redfern/Waterloo Partnership Project was established to work with the community to achieve sustainable solutions that address community concerns. This is taking place through a whole-of-government, whole-of-community approach to addressing issues and concerns in the area.

One initiative of the Partnership is the Redfern-Eveleigh-Darlington (RED) Strategy. The RED Strategy aims to provide a holistic approach to address urban renewal, economic revitalisation and improvements in urban amenity for the Redfern, Eveleigh and Darlington precincts. The Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources and the NSW Premier's Department are the lead agencies for the RED Strategy.

The Strategy aims to:

1. Facilitate urban renewal and regeneration

2. Set parameters for the development and redevelopment of specific sites

3. Enhance the public amenity and the quality of open space

4. Identify opportunities for increasing the amount of open space and other public recreational facilities

S. Promote diversity of housing choice

6. Promote economic regeneration, including

  • Revitalised shopping facilities
  • Maximising opportunities associated with redevelopment of Redfern station

7. Improve the accessibility of the area via all modes of transport

The Strategic Planning Framework will shape how the area will develop and operate in the future.

It will provide a framework for guiding and assessing development in the area over the longer term which can be incorporated into local planning provisions.

It will also enable a coordinated approach for implementation of agency and community actions and will present a vision for the area of up to 10 years expressing:

  • Its role and desired future character
  • How it might function
  • An action plan setting out all major actions and key responsibilities required to achieve the vision

The Strategic Planning Framework will meet the objectives and at least address:

  • Potential for development and conservation . Broad land use
  • Circulation, major transport patterns and mode linkages
  • Need for open space improvements
  • Housing stock and opportunities for diversification
  • Levels of service, physical and social infrastructure that should be provided
  • Local employment and redevelopment opportunities
  • Revitalising shopping
  • Specific sites where more detailed planning parameters might be required

The RED Strategy has an extensive consultation process at a number of different stages of its development.

As part of the process the first stage of Community Information and Feedback Sessions was held on Wednesday, 11 June, 2003 at Redfern Town Hall between 6pm and 8pm.

The second round of Community Information and Feedback Sessions was held on Wednesday, 25 June, 2003 at Redfern Town Hall between 5pm and 8pm.

The third round was held on Saturday, 2 August, 2003 at Redfern Town Hall between 2pm and 4pm.

In addition to the RED Strategy, the Redfern/Waterloo Partnership Project is working on a number of major initiatives to improve the built environment, local infrastructure and public facilities.



Public Domain is one of the critical areas for improvement in the Redfern Eveleigh and Darlington (RED) area.

The community has recommended a number of possible solutions for the best use of the limited public space in the area to provide safe and secure access for residents. These range from physical improvements to increased policing and provision of activities for young people.

The main theme emerging from the community is that improvements to the appearance of the streets is seen as critical in changing the negative perception of the area and that creating places which reflect and contribute to a sense of community identity and pride underpin a well functioning community.

These suggestions have been included in the draft guiding principles for the RED Strategy. Refer to the RED Strategy community feedback summary for more information.



A Facilities Plan will be developed by South Sydney City Council in conjunction with the Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources and the Department of Housing under the auspice of the Redfern/Waterloo Partnership Project. The plan will respond to the requirements for future community facilities defined by the Audit of Services.


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