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RED Strategy Update from Surry Scene

The following appeared at dated Saturday, September 20, 2003 by Redfern/Waterloo Partnership project. It provides some informatioon on the how RED was seen as interacting with the formal planning scheme.


The RED draft strategic framework will be on exhibition in October at a local venue to be decided upon.


Senior Project Manager with the Redfern/Waterloo Partnership Project, Denny Hall said it will include a number of options for the community to comment on.


`There will be print outs available for people to take away and staff members present, at advertised times, who can answer any questions people may have,' Denny said.


The RED Strategy is a part of the Redfern/Waterloo Partnership Project (RWPP) which, in consultation with the communities of Redfern, Eveleigh, Darlington (RED) and Waterloo, will develop the Strategy the community considers important to guide any future development by South Sydney City Council, Government and private company developers.


Due for completion in June 2004, the framework is being developed through public and focus group meetings and one to one and group meetings with residents, business owners, Government and non-government developers.


Priorities stated by the community include the need to address issues such as crime and safety, drug use, reducing heavy traffic flows or traffic calming, Redfern station access, employment opportunities, the need for better public transport, social cohesion and mix and the revitalisation of shopping precincts.


The RWPP is able to raise community concerns and act as an advocate with future developers and Government.


It responded to the Government's recent Bus Services Review and has expressed concerns about possible future effects upon traffic and related noise as a result of the proposed airport redevelopment, the upgrade of Sydney Port at Botany Bay in relation to trucks moving containers to and from the port, and the Green Square development.


A formal response was made to the proposed redevelopment of the Eveleigh locomotive workshops and once the RED Strategy is complete, the Masterplan covering this will be reviewed under the context of the Strategy.


Although the RWPP has never had the authority, or intent, to stop statutory planning processes they do have to be reviewed in light of the RED Strategy, thus providing further safeguards for the wishes and needs of the community.


The principles for the strategic framework will be published in the next RWPP Newsletter, available in mid-September.