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DoP Draft Sydney City Subregional Strategy Released - comment closes 5 September 2008

The Department of Planning has released the Metropolitian Plan’s Draft Sydney City Subregional Strategy. The Sydney City subregion is based on the boundaries of the City of Sydney local government area. This subregion occupies a central and strategic part of the Greater Metropolitan Region. This is the same area covered by Council’s recent Sustainable Sydney 2030.

The Sydney City subregion includes Central Sydney, the core component of Global Sydney, and a focus for the metropolitan region as a whole. Planning for Central Sydney considers the centre in the context of a broad range of business, recreation and other activities developing in five major precincts:

  • The Sydney Central Business District (CBD) Precinct – housing sophisticated finance, legal business activity, as well as key tourism and cultural infrastructure;
  • Pyrmont-Ultimo Precinct – an information technology, communications and media precinct; 
  • Sydney Education and Health Precinct – located to the south and west of the CBD – a major area for education, medical and other research and technology-based jobs.
  • City East Precinct - containing a diverse array of business and research activities.
  • Redfern Centre Precinct – centred on Redfern Station, and including the Australian Technology Park and the North Eveleigh area.

There are a number of statutory organisations that control aspects of this area other than the City of Sydney Council, including the Redfern-Waterloo Authority, the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, and Sydney Ports.

The NSW Government is placing the draft Sydney city Subregional Strategy on exhibition for public comment. When finalised, the Subregional Strategy will guide land-use planning until 2031 in the City of Sydney local government area.

Key directions include:

  • Reinforce global competitiveness and strengthen links to the regional economy
  • Plan for sustainable development of major urban renewal projects
  • Ensure adequate capacity for new office and hotel developments
  • Plan for housing choice
  • Develop an improved and increasingly integrated transport system that meets the subregion’s multiple transport needs
  • Improve the quality of the built and natural environment and aim to decrease the subregion’s ecological footprint
  • Enhance the subregion’s prominence as a diverse global cultural centre

A brochure about the Strategy can be downloaded here.

All the Strategy's chapters can be downloaded below:

Introduction Part 1 (1.68MB)

Introduction Part 2 (3.30MB)
Economy and Employment (1.19MB)
Centres and Corridors (3.89MB)
Housing (0.83MB)
Transport (1.18MB)
Environment, Heritage and Resources (1.16MB)
Parks, Public Places and Culture (0.89MB)
Implementation and Governance (0.43MB)
Appendices (1.52MB)

The draft Subregional Strategy will be available to view in hard-copy from Thursday, 3 July to Friday, 5 September, 2008 at: City of Sydney Council or NSW Department of Planning, 23-33 Bridge St, Sydney.

Talk to a Planner - Wednesday, 23 July 2008 between 3.00 PM and 7.00 PM. You can also talk to a NSW Government planner about the draft Subregional Strategy at Department of Planning's Information Centre, 23-33 Bridge street, Sydney on Wednesday, 23 July 2008 between 3.00 PM and 7.00 PM

Submissions are due by Friday, 5 September 2008. Submissions can be:

Source: Draft Sydney City Subregional Strategy.