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Dingoes in Darlington - Netball lives in South Sydney

In 2004, a parent from Darlington public school proposed a netball team for her daughter and classmates. The team began competition that year at Heffron Park, Randwick, playing under 9s modified netball called Netta reports Julie Moffat, Coach, Darlington Dingoes, Orange in the October 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.

The team was called Darlington Dingoes - a name proposed by the kids during an ideas session for a team name. By 2005, the interest among local girls and friends wanting to join a team and play netball had broadened and, again with the support of parents, another team was created, beginning competition last year.

The teams became Darlington Dingoes Black and Darlington Dingoes Orange. The girls attend a range of schools in the local area: Darlington and Erskineville Public Schools, St. Mary’s Erskineville and International Grammar School (IGS). They get together every Friday after school and train at the Australian Technology Park court. The court area becomes alive with activity and excitement when we get together on Fridays and take over this space for a couple of hours.

Previously the teams have raised with Council the lack of training facilities for organized sports for women and girls. This is the end of the teams’ third playing season and they are still working on Council to provide a couple of netball courts for training - not just for these teams, but for any local young girls and women who may want an opportunity to get a team together and be part of an organized sport.

Everyone concerned is proud of both Darlington Dingoes netball teams and the progress they have made in the competition in a brief few years. Within two years of competition, both Darlington Dingoes Black and Orange teams made it to the finals of their competition. This year the Orange team made it to the grand finals, becoming the runners up of their division. This has been achieved with limited facilities and without outside funding/sponsorship.

All thanks goes to local parents for their support in managing, organizing and coaching the teams. So, come on City of Sydney Council – give the women and girls a go!

A call to the City of Sydney for local sports facilities for women and girls. You recently opened a magnificent skate-board facility in the area which, rightly or wrongly, is almost entirely used by boys and young men. Here is a great opportunity to provide equal encouragement and facilities for girls and young women. How about it? SSH

[Source – South Sydney Herald October 2006]