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Comment on story, 3801 train leaves Redfern

I would like to add a correction [to an article in last months SSH].

3801 Ltd did not rescue steam locomotive 3801 as a rusting heap from the Rail Transport Museum. It was the Rail Transport Museum that rescued the rusting heap from the recyclers oxy-torch, and preserved it for future restoration many years before 3801 Ltd came into being.

The RTM was one of the parties that helped form 3801 Ltd, to co-ordinate the restoration of 3801 in conjunction with the SRA. The RTM has always remained one of the main players in 3801 Ltd, and the agreement was, that at the end of 20 years, 3801 would revert back to the full operational control of the RTM, who will continue to operate the locomotive and put the profits back into supporting the big picture of rail heritage.

The other major benefit is that there is one less administrative group to eat into the profits.

Many thanks as I always look forward to the SSH for local news in supporting local causes.


[Source – Letters South Sydney Herald October 2006]