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News articles concerning Redfern Waterloo from various sources. Click on the headlines below for more details.
Sartor seizes $800m project - 22 June 2006
PLANNING Minister Frank Sartor has seized control of the development of the city's $800 million Carlton and United Brewery site from Sydney Lord Mayor Clover Moore, claiming it had become a "constipated camel" By SIMON BENSON, State Political Reporter Daily Telegraph.
State takes on beer development - 21 June 2006 AAP
THE New South Wales Government has taken control of the redevelopment of central Sydney's Carlton United Brewery site from the City of Sydney council.
Sartor’s grab for control puts residents in a froth
THE Planning Minister, Frank Sartor, has seized control of Sydney's biggest residential development, saying he would save it from becoming a "constipated camel" not worthy of the city's gateway. Report by Sherrill Nixon Urban Affairs Editor SMH 22 June Page 6.
Are Urban Slums the Price of Labor’s Re-election?
The announcement by Planning Minister Frank Sartor that he is taking over approval authority for the Carlton and United brewery site on Broadway on the same day a plan by Treasurer Michael Costa for unplanned land releases in south-west Sydney is revealed, raises the question of whether new urban slums are to be the price of Labor’s re-election campaign, according to Greens MP Sylvia Hale.
Government and Developers to Bulldoze Sydney’s Heritage - CoS 22 June 2006
Commenting on the State Government’s take over of the Carlton & United Brewery Site (CUB) in Chippendale, Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP said; “This is like saving the Rocks all over again. We have heritage buildings which the Government and developers want to bulldoze to put up high rise says a media relaes from the City of Sydney Council.
Political pub brawl
LORD Mayor Clover Moore has flagged legal action against Planning Minister Frank Sartor over his decision to seize control of development of the former Carlton United Brewery site reports the Daily Telegraph June 28 2006.
Seven plans $120m move
THE Seven Network will move much of its television production to a new $120 million facility to be built in Sydney's Redfern. The Australian June 28, 2006.
$120M Deal to Make Redfern a Media and Employment Hub Wednesday, 28 June 2006
NSW Premier, Morris lemma today announced a landmark agreement to build a new television production centre and commercial offices at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) at Redfern.
Skater's paradise - Waterloo Skate park
Taking the street and putting it into a park is no easy task writes Alexandra Walker in the Sydney Central Courier of 28 June 2006.
$150m TV studio for Redfern
THE Seven Network and its property partner Rebel Property Group will build a $150 million television production and office complex at Sydney's Redfern reports Maurice Dunlevy in The Australian 29 June 29 2006.
Home and away: Seven's new face
CHANNEL Seven will move its television production centre to Redfern in 2009, in a $120 million development that will triple the workforce at Australian Technology Park and boost Redfern's urban renewal reports Sherrill Nixon SMH's Urban Affairs Editor.
Frankly, these are no Sartorial masterpieces
The following three breif items dealing with the CUB site ran in the Alex Mitchell and Kerry-Anne Walsh editied Naked eye in the Sun-Herald of June 26.
The City has unanimously confirmed its support for public exhibition of draft planning controls for the Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) site at Chippendale and called on the Minister to respond to community concerns on the future of the site. (CLOVER'S eNEWS - Friday 30 June 2006 - No. 303)
Developers beat a path to Sartor's door as critics query powers
DEVELOPERS desperate to sidestep local councils are queueing at Frank Sartor's door, as the Planning Minister's empire grows to take in more than 200 projects across NSW reports Sherrill Nixon the SMH Urban Affairs Editor.
Sartor Delivers on Redfern-Waterloo Jobs Plan
The Following media release concerning the release of the final Redfern Waterloo Employment and Enterprise Plan was issued by Minister Sartor on 5 July 2006.
Indigenous Youth Centre for Redfern - 11 July 2006
This Media statement was issued by the NSW and Australian Governments on 11 July 2006 to announce that the ILC would proceed to purchase the former Redfern Public School site and establish a National Indigenous Development Centre.
Redfern to house youth centre
The New South Wales and federal governments have announced plans to build a $34 million national centre for Indigenous youth in the Sydney suburb of Redfern.
Joining the force is deadly for this mob
AFTER just a fortnight together in Goulburn, one mob has emerged from the record class of more than 900 police recruits at the NSW Police College as a potentially deadly new force reports Stephen Gibbs in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Hillsong emerges to serve jobless
THE welfare arm of the Hillsong Church will be the biggest non-government provider of services to unemployed people in NSW under a new Federal Government welfare-to-work program reports Adele Horin in the SMH July 13, 2006.
NSW Government grant sends Poet’s “over the moon”
A birthday party atmosphere greeted the media and the Minister for Community Services, Reba Meagher and the Member for Heffron, Kristina Keneally when they arrived at the community based Poet’s Corner Preschool on a recent cold June morning. The occasion was the presentation of a cheque for $110,000 by Ms Meagher that is to be used to upgrade the school, allowing the accommodation of an extra five children reports Vladimir Korotkov in the July 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Council to end waiting list nightmare for childcare places
City of Sydney Council is considering the introduction of a centralised waiting list for all childcare facilities in the Local Government area. Deputy Lord Mayor Verity Firth says her experiences as an expectant mother led her to call for a this type of waiting list because the current system was a “bureaucratic nightmare" reports Joseph Correy in the July 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Lions Club starts up in Redfern
The Lions Club is establishing a branch in Redfern-Waterloo, with the aim of helping the local community through various projects. The formative meeting was held in early June and the branch will be officially created once more local members join. The Lions already have in Australia over 1,400 clubs with 30,000 members. Being a service club, the bulk of their work is aimed at community service, particularly towards young, elderly and disabled people reports Bill Birtles in the July 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Letters - Re Local MP calls for street drinkers to be moved into Wet Centres
In your June 2006 edition, you ran an article ‘Local MP calls for Street Drinkers to be moved into Wet Centres’. It will be interesting to see if your paper is more interested in providing the ‘Harm Minimisation Industry’ mantra with an unchallenged forum than providing balance reporting on the treatment of addictive behaviour writes Ross Smith in this letter in the July 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
International gifts of creativity for The Block
I am a Black American woman from California. I studied at the University of California in Los Angeles, with a specialisation in African Areas. Soon after I graduated, I went on to work in Africa and was based in Harare, Zimbabwe. This extensive experience in international work has helped contribute to my work with the Aboriginal community in Redfern writes Angela Pitts in the July 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Renaissance in Redfern – My Observation
Last year, The South Sydney Herald had an article from Denise Davis who had been to the big apple, New York, and looked with interest at Harlem - the sometime infamous New York suburb which over the past decade has been transformed. She drew some comparison between Harlem and Redfern. Here, former New Yorker Elliot Yancey who now resident in Redfern-Waterloo, adds to the discussion on whether we can learn anything from Harlem writes Elliot Yancey in the July 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Edna’s Table spread before Indigenous community
The founders of Sydney’s famed Edna’s Table restaurants have teamed up with the Redfern Aboriginal community to create a hospitality training college for local school leavers reports Judith White in the July 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Rebuilding The Block: Tent Embassy comes to Redfern
The Aboriginal Tent Embassy has established a site in Redfern to protest against the NSW Government’s failure to allow new housing on The Block. The Redfern Waterloo Authority recently rezoned The Block and consequently limited the number of residential properties that could be built on the land reports Joseph Correy in the July 2006 edition of the South Sydney Herald.
The much loved 3801 steam locomotive will no longer be located or operated from Sydney after November under current plans by RailCorp according to this media statement from 3801 Limited on 13 July 2006.
Historic locomotive rail-roaded
THE NSW Government has been accused of forcing Australia's most famous heritage steam train off the rails and demolishing its home to make way for a high-rise apartment block reports the Daily Telegraph July 18, 2006.
Premier locks up chiefs for powwow on plan
FOR 12 hours a day, for three days this week, every chief executive in the NSW Government was locked away working on Morris Iemma's plan to have a plan reports Andrew Clennell in the SMH July 21, 2006.
Loco for 3801 to lose steam
By The Daily Telegraph’s cartoonist and enthusiast Warren Brown July 24, 2006
Residents protest outside Sartor's home - Frankly, we do give a damn
RESIDENTS fighting an 800-house development backed by Planning Minister Frank Sartor surprised him with a noisy protest outside his home yesterday reports DAVID FISHER The Daily Telegraphs Political Reporter on Monday July 24 2006.
Black and White unite to keep The Block in Aboriginal hands
In a media release on 25 July 2006 Aboriginal Housing Company CEO Mick Mundine and Isabel Coe have called for supporters of Aboriginal housing on The Block to attend a historic protest against the NSW Government on August 10th. They fear that NSW Minister for Redfern-Waterloo Frank Sartor is trying to take control of The Block away from Aboriginal people.
REDWatch Supports Rally to keep The Block in Aboriginal Hands
“REDWatch supports the planned rally to keep the future of The Block in Aboriginal hands and to protest against intervention by the NSW Government to limit the development of Aboriginal Housing on the Block,” Geoffrey Turnbull REDWatch spokesperson said today.
Sparkling new turf Rabbitohs will be proud to call home
GONE are the concrete walls, barbed wire and the old grandstand. In their place Redfern Park emerges as an open green space and Rabbitohs training ground with a new playground, kiosk and restored fountain reports Sherrill Nixon SMH Urban Affairs Editor July 27, 2006.
Harlem to Clinton: We Want You Out!
Some Harlem residents want former President Bill Clinton to pack up and get out -- with the quickness. Reports Tracy Stokes, Staff Writer & Wire Services and Posted July 24, 2006.
The South Sydney Football Club has endorsed the plans for the redevelopment of Redfern Park that have been made public by the City of Sydney this week by media release and on their website
Rail heritage needs view ahead
AS part of the celebrations marking the 100th anniversary of Central Station this week, Transport Minister John Watkins has the delightful task of announcing Railcorp's new heritage plan by Warren Brown The Daily Telegraph July 31, 2006.
The great St Vincent's break-in
IT WAS a big day at St Vincent's Redfern yesterday, but Father Gerry Prindiville sat grim-faced through the celebrations. Reports David Marr in the Sydney Morning Herald July 31, 2006.
Waterloo skates!
A cutting edge Skate Park was opened in Waterloo this month by the City of Sydney Council. Dubbed ‘Fernside’ by locals, the park played host to the inaugural Waterloo Oval Skate Park competition. On the day, hundreds of inexperienced and veteran skaters contested for more than $6,000 in prizes reports Darren Mara in the August edition of the South Sydney Herald.
Candlelight vigil to support Aboriginal people to save The Block
The Aboriginal Housing Company, members of a local ALP branch and local community groups such as REDWatch are asking Sydney residents to attend a candlelight vigil at the historic Sydney Aboriginal precinct known as The Block on Thursday 10th August. The vigil, which starts at 6.30pm, is being held in protest in response to Minister for Planning Frank Sartor’s controversial assumption of re-development control of The Block reports Ben Falkenmirein the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Premier, Redfern awaits your visit
The Premier has not replied to the invitation to visit Redfern-Waterloo handed to him in March by a delegation of local residents. Other areas have been visited as part of a process of consultation between State Cabinet and citizens of NSW reports the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Carlton United Brewery Broadway residents meet the Minister
It was June when the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, received a letter from the Minister for Planning, Frank Sartor, stating that he was contemplating becoming the consent authority for the Carlton United Brewery site in place of the City of Sydney Council. The Lord Mayor was categorical in her response to residents reports the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Redfern business welcomes Channel 7
Channel 7’s move to the Australian Technology Park in Redfern will create new jobs and boost business in the area, according to the local Chamber of Commerce. President, Tony Larkin, says the 120 million dollar investment by Seven and Rebel Property Group to create a media-production hub “indicates a growing confidence in Redfern’s future” reports Bill Birtles in the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Are some Redfern Police officers failing Aboriginal citizens?
Aboriginal man David Beaumont, 37, was fostered into a white family when he was a child. Two months ago he returned to Redfern as a coordinator for the community centre on The Block. Redfern was the place where his mother died and he wanted to learn more about himself from its residents. He also learned of the racism they sometimes face from local police reports Joseph Correy in the South Sydney Herald August 2006. .
Future of Redfern School finally decided
It was 2005 when the NSW Government finally decided what to do with the Redfern School site. The Redfern Waterloo Authority had negotiated an agreement for its sale to the Indigenous Land Council reports Samantha Van in the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Former RWA adviser expressed concern over board and community consultation
Former director of the New South Wales Council of Social Services and adviser to the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) Gary Moore was invited by REDWatch to attend their July meeting to talk about his experiences with the RWA reports Benjamin Falkenmire in the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Local artists wanted for new Danks Street Festival Art Market
Following the success of last year’s Danks Street Festival which saw 15,000 people enjoy a day of gourmet food, art workshops, and entertainment, the City of Sydney will this year introduce a new Art Market reports the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Is the NSW Government adequately monitoring boarding houses?
The NSW Department for Ageing and Disability hasn’t, it seems, been doing a good job at monitoring licensed boarding houses where people with a mental or physical disability live reports Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Have You Heard?
The Premier promises that Mental Health services will improve! The inner city awaits the improvements reports Trevor Davies in the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Welfare to Work issues for church agencies
In recent times, the fact that the Hillsong Church welfare agency, Hillsong Emerge, has agreed to accept Federal Government funding in order to run an agency to support people affected by the new Welfare to Work Laws, has caused some comment. The South Sydney Herald invited welfare agencies from several major churches to give statements on their own positions, alongside that of Hillsong Emerge. The Salvation Army has informed us that, at this stage, they have no comment to offer.
Whatever it takes
At a public meeting in Redfern Town Hall some months ago, Chief Executive of the Redfern Waterloo Authority Robert Domm announced that he was prepared to do “whatever it takes” to ensure the proper consultation of the community. What does it take to ensure the community’s values about the environment are adequately considered, asks Anna Christie. Comment & Opinion by Anna Christie in the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Souths Club stoush continues but things are looking up for the Rabbitohs
The fight for South Sydney Leagues Club continued in July, with Chairman George Piggins and Football Club owner Peter Holmes a Court trying to outwit each other for its control reports Joseph Correy in the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Trevor ‘The Paperboy’ Davies takes a new shape at Mundine’s Gym
South Sydney Herald founder and co-editor, Trevor Davies, is being sponsored by Mundine’s Gym in an effort to get papers delivered to readers faster. Trevor, whose editorial instincts influence the content of each SSH, enjoys the feedback he gets from local readers and has begun training at Mundine’s Gym so he can meet more of them reports Joseph Correy in the South Sydney Herald August 2006.
Mundine squares up to Carmel for political knockout
FORMER world boxing champion Anthony Mundine is set to run for Parliament as an independent at the state election in March reports Alex Mitchell and Frank Walker Sun Herald August 6, 2006.
3801 Limited Calls on Government to renew Lease to Allow its ongoing Operations
In a Media release dated 31st July 3801 Limited said tha the NSW Government has agreed that the continued operation of the 3801 locomotive is of importance to the people of NSW. However, they do not see the importance of the not for profit company 3801 Limited continuing despite its proven track record of operating without government funding for 20 years.
Steam train operators welcome upgrade plan
The operators of the 3801 steam locomotive have welcomed the New South Wales Government's plan for a $500,000 upgrade of the train according to ABC news on Line.
National Trust urges steam railway workshops to be kept at Redfern
“The National Trust congratulates State Rail on this week’s 100th anniversary of Central Station and welcomes a new Rail Corp heritage plan as part of the celebrations,” said Trust Executive Director Tina Jackson in a media release of August 1 2006.
Anthony Mundine joins protesters to fight for The Block - AHC Media Statement 09-08-2006
Thousands of people, black and white, will unite to stop the NSW Government taking control of the Block at a historic protest tomorrow (Thursday August 10). Champion boxer Anthony Mundine will address the protest and is expected to make an announcement about entering politics to fight for The Block’s future.
$20 Million Plan to conserve NSW Rail Heritage as collaboration urged over 3801
The Iemma Government will increase protection of the State’s rich rail heritage with a $20 million plan announced today by Deputy Premier and Minister for Transport John Watkins reports a Media Release from Minister of transport and deputy premier John Watkins on 4th August 2006.
Labor unfazed by Mundine politics bid
FORMER world champion boxer Anthony Mundine's plan to run as an independent in the New South Wales election next year does not concern Carmel Tebbutt, the woman he plans to challenge according to an AAP report printed in The Australian of August 6 2006.
Boxer Mundine keen to move into politics
After proving himself in the ring, boxer Anthony Mundine has another fight on his hands reports AAP and carried on the Age and Sydney Morning Herald web sites.
'The Mouth' Mundine to enter politics
AFTER proving himself in the ring, boxer Anthony Mundine is picking a fight of a different kind - this time with New South Wales MP Frank Sartor reports Amy Fallon in The Daily Telegraph of August 11, 2006.
Wages of shock is change
A provocative Sydney performance art venue is shifting its space but not its attitude, writes Rosalie Higson in the Australian of 11 August 2006. ONE of the pioneers of Australian experimental dance, sound, video and out-there theatre is moving house. On August 20, Performance Space in Sydney closes its doors on busy Cleveland St, Surry Hills, before transferring to CarriageWorks, the new performing arts precinct at the former Eveleigh Railway Workshops in Redfern.
Mundine yet to declare his political intentions
Boxer Anthony Mundine is yet to declare whether he will run for the Sydney seat of Marrickville in next year's state election.
Champion boxer considers politics
FORMER world champion boxer Anthony Mundine says it is still too early to say whether he will contest next year's NSW election reports AAP on 11th August 2006.
From pugilism to politics: will Mundine will stand at the next election?
The World Today - Friday, 11 August , 2006 12:42:00 Reporter: Conor Duffy Reports on Anthony Mundine and the Rally on the Block.
Payola: a state-sanctioned business model
HERE'S a tale of two cities. On August 23 the NSW Urban Taskforce will hold its annual Development Excellence Awards night. The next night the NSW Greens will hold their Bad Developer Awards, also known as the Toasters. Report by Michael Duffy Sydney Morning Herald August 12, 2006.
Minister Sartor's Statement in Response to Community Rally
Following is a response from Minister for Redfern-Waterloo Frank Sartor issued to the media on 11th August 2006 in response to the Protest to Keep The Block in Aboriginal Hands the previous night.
Is he up for the fight?
Anthony 'The Man' Mundine keeps everybody guessing. Report Joseph Sumegi & Alexandra Walker in the 16th August 2006 SydneyCentral Courier.
Brewer's plan for Broadway site leaves residents reeling in horror
THE Carlton & United Breweries site in Broadway will become a "mini-Manhattan on steroids", its neighbours fear after graphic images of the potential new city skyline were shown at a meeting. Report by Sherrill Nixon Urban Affairs Editor Sydney Morning Herald August 18, 2006.
Battlers and bulldozers
Public housing is more difficult than ever to get into and poor people are forced to rent privately, often struggling to put food on the table. Debra Jopson looks at what went wrong in the Sydney Morning Herald of August 19, 2006.
Brewery site revamp to include skyscraper
A skyscraper of up to 110 metres is being planned for the Carlton United Brewery site in Broadway in inner Sydney. [ABC News Friday, August 18, 2006]
It was revealed at the public meeting on Chippendale's Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) site this week that Fosters, the site owner, has prepared a "Scoping Paper" as the basis for redevelopment and new planning controls on the site.[ CLOVER'S eNEWS - Friday 18 August 2006 - No. 310]
A sorry site
THE Carlton & United Breweries site on Broadway is one of Sydney's prime development sites, six hectares of opportunity on the southern edge of the city centre. Trains, buses and major roads are at its door, leading universities are its near neighbours. The regeneration of this historic site should be a model of how Sydney can build for its future, without forgetting its past. So far, however, it exemplifies only the chaotic state of planning in the heart of Australia's biggest city. [SMH Editorial August 19, 2006]
More Police Officers for Eastern Suburbs and South Sydney
Member for Heffron Kristina Keneally in her Heffron E-Herald of 18 August 2006 advised that Redfern will get eight new police officers in September 2006 with the possibility of additional numbers in January 2007.
Hillsong Rosebery Project
Member for Heffron Kristina Keneally in her Heffron E-Herald 18 August 2006 reports on Hillsongs Plans for a new auditorium and facilities in Rosebery which would allow Hillsong to move from its current site in Waterloo.
More Local Bus Services for Heffron
Kristina Keneally in her Heffron E-Herald 18 August 2006 reports that State Transit will run six additional bus services in the AM and PM peaks on local bus routes in Heffron. With a common peak hour complaint in Redfern Waterloo of buses being full by the time they get to Redfern Waterloo this may assist Redfern Waterloo peak hour travellers as well.
Residents to see CUB report - Planning Minister to make document public.
T he public will get to see an advisory panel’s report on the controversial redevelopment of Chippendale’s Carlton and United Brewery (CUB) site, Planning Minister Frank Sartor has said. Report by Alexandra Walker Sydney Central Courier 23rd August 2006.
Hillsong thinks again on welfare
HILLSONG Emerge, the only church charity in NSW to participate in a controversial welfare-to-work program, yesterday signalled its reservations about the Federal Government initiative reports Adele Horin in the August 24, 2006 issue of the Sydney Morning Herald.
Locals block Redfern revamp
THE Aboriginal owners of Redfern's most notorious neighbourhood, The Block, have rejected the Planning Minister Frank Sartor's final plan for the strip reports Larissa Cummings in The Daily Telegraph August 31, 2006.
Sartor outlines final Redfern plan
It's one of the most ambitious urban transformation projects in Australia — the redevelopment of the troubled Redfern-Waterloo area in Sydney's inner city into a trendy inner city space with a mix of television workers, technology and research types and brand new housing and shops. Report by Tina Perinotto in The Australian Financial Review Thursday 31 August 2006.
Shadowy tower plan applies permanent sun screen
HIGH-RISE apartment blocks on the Carton & United Breweries site at Broadway will be so tall and dense that one-third of the units and the site's park will get only two hours of sunlight a day in mid-winter reports Sherrill Nixon Urban Affairs Editor Sydney Morning Herald 31st August 2006.
Doing their Block: blueprint for change upsets Redfern
THE final blueprint for development in Redfern-Waterloo has failed to appease the local Aboriginal community, despite allowing a slight increase in the number of houses on the Block reports Sherrill Nixon and Justin Norrie in The Sydney Morning Herald 31st August 2006.
Keneally: Marian Park Saved!
30 August 2006 – Member for Heffron Kristina Keneally said today she was ecstatic that the Minister for Redfern Waterloo had listened to the community and saved Marian Street Park in the Built Environment Plan released today. [Media release from Kristina Keneallty]
No favours for Aboriginal developer
ALL across the state, honest developers are on their knees, wearing out their breeches in prayer. The object of their fervour is that champagne moment when the LLDC (Lib-Lab Development Coalition) will declare their site "state significant"; when they are lost no longer but, thankgoda'mighty, saved at last. Their eyes glaze and halos of tiny dollar signs glow above each head, writes Elizabeth Farrelly in the Sydney Morning Herald September 6, 2006.
Errors of fact
Elizabeth Farrelly ("No favours for Aboriginal developer", September 6) makes a number of errors of fact, writes Kristina Keneally MP.
The following Media Release was issued by Minister Frank Sartor to announce the Redfern-Waterloo Built Environment Plan (Stage One) on 30 August 2006.
This is a media release made on 30th August 2006 announcing the addition of Warren Mundine and Ann Weldon to the Redfern Waterloo Authority Board.
Clover Moores comments on the RWA Built Environment Plan
Following is an extract from CLOVER'S eNEWS - Friday 8 September 2006 - No. 313 concerning the RWA BEP released on 30 August 2006.
Kristina Keneally Comments on the RWA BEP
The following comments on the RWA BEP were made by Kristina Keneally in her Heffron E-Herald No 25 of 8th September 2006.
Alexandria Park Community School in Partnership
This week Kristina Keneally announced that Alexandra Park Community School is one of the latest schools to join the Schools in Partnership (SiP) initiative. [Extract from Kristina Keneally's Heffron E-Herald No 25 of 8th September 2006].
EDNA TURVEY 1925 - 2006
Obituary by Barrie McMahon from the South Sydney Herald of September 2006
Paperboy puts on three kilos after one month of gruelling training
South Sydney Herald editor Trevor 'The Paperboy' Davies has gained three kilograms in the past month despite taking part in an intensive fitness program at Mundine's Gym in Redfern reports Joseph Conn in the South Sydney Herald of September 2006.
Consultation going through the motions in Chippendale
The South Sydney Herald's Samantha Van reports that the City of Sydney Councillor Chris Harris suspects that the Carlton and United Brewery site owners and Planning Minister Frank Sartor "are preparing the way to announce increased density on the CUB site and are simply going through the motions to consult with the community."
Celebrating the Real Redfern
The dissonance between the outsiders' view of Redfern r deprived and disadvantaged, a hotbed of violence and crime – and the reality experienced by those who live here was highlighted in the annual Margaret Barry Memorial Lecture, given this year by historian Sue Rosen at Redfern Town Hall on August 17 reports GERALDINE O'BRIEN in the South Sydney Herald of September 2006.
"Underutilised" parks - a common refrain
The latest chapter in South Sydney's efforts to preserve its urban open spaces concerns the battle for Marian Street Park. Once again, a familiar refrain has been heard from those who would like to interfere with urban parkland. That's when they say, "it's underutilised': Reports by Anna Christie the South Sydney Herald of September 2006.
Redfern police officers are committed to serve and protect the Aboriginal community
Report by Catherine Burn Commander Redfern Local Area Command in Comment & Opinion in the South Sydney Herald of September 2006.
Sartor releases final development plans for Redfern-Waterloo
The Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) released the final Draft Built Environment Plan (BEP) for the area' on 30th August, completing stage one of the NSW Government's Redfern Waterloo Plan, which includes the Human Services Plan and the Employment and Enterprise Plan reports Ben Falkenmire in the South Sydney Herald of September 2006..
The 3801 train leaves Redfern
Like many an Australian story, the future of the beloved steam train 3801 is all about money, real estate, bureaucratic intransigence and political manoeuvering reports John Stapleton in the South Sydney Herald of September 2006.
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