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REDWatch and the 2007 State Election

REDWatch is made up of people with associated with all major local political parties and people with no link to political parties or groups. REDWatch Co-ordinating Group includes local party office bearers in the ALP, Greens and Liberal Party as well as people who are not members of any political party. REDWatch has prepared a position paper on some of the issues that are of concern to REDWatch that people might like to raise during the election campaign. REDWatch also decided to prepare a questionnaire for candidates on Redfern Waterloo issues and to make it available on its website. Both these documents are in this section. REDWatch is also holding a candidate forum focusing on the area’s issues for both Heffron (March 14th) and Marrickville (March 15th). These two electorates cover Redfern, Eveleigh, Darlington and Waterloo (the area covered by the RWA and REDWatch). To encourage a greater focus on Redfern Waterloo issues in the campaign, REDWatch has set up these new web pages where candidates can supply a limited amount of party political material about the issues of direct concern to the area. REDWatch is proposing these arrangements to encourage community debate of local issues during the election. REDWatch reserves the right to control what goes on its website and to suspend access to the website if the process of site maintenance becomes too onerous on REDWatch or if arrangements are abused by candidates or their supporters. REDWatch will continue to carry media articles and media statements from community groups on its website in the lead up to the election in addition to this new section of the website. Party political comments on the REDWatch website are comments from the candidates or parties and are provided to encourage debate. Such comments appearing on the REDWatch site does not imply support by REDWatch of any of the statements.
An Agenda for Redfern Waterloo Changes in 2007 - State Election Issues
This REDWatch policy document has been adopted by a REDWatch General Meeting on 14th February 2007 for use on the REDWatch website and for distribution in the lead up to the 2007 NSW Election. The document sets out the changes that REDWatch would like to see resulting from policy changes as a result of the election and / or a change of Minister responsible for Redfern Waterloo. Enquiries concerning this document and any other REDWatch activities concerning the election should be referred to REDWatch Spokesperson Geoffrey Turnbull at mail@redwatch.org.au
Questions for Candidates for March 24th 2007 NSW Election
These questions were adopted by a REDWatch General Meeting on 14th February 2007 for use on the REDWatch website and for distribution in the lead up to the 2007 NSW Election. REDWatch has tried to limit the list of questions to those specifically relevant to Redfern Waterloo but we still have a long list to do the issues justice. REDWatch is asking candidates to limit their responses to 100 words for each question.
REDWatch Candidate's Forums - 14 & 15 March 2007
REDWatch has organised two Candidate's Forums for the March 2007 State Election. One forum will be held for each electorate that covers Redfern Waterloo. A Redfern Waterloo Forum in the electorate of Heffron will be held on Wednesday 14th March 2007and a Darlington Forum in the electorate of Marrickville will be held on Thursday 15 March 2007. Details are below.