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Employment & Enterprise Plan

One of the main areas of RWA activity was to be the creation of employment opportunities for those that live within the RWA boundaries. While increasing the number of people who work within the RWA area is a prime objective special action needed to be undertaken to ensure that those who live within the RWA area also benefit from these opportunities. The RWA produced a Redfern-Waterloo Employment and Enterprise Plan in 2006. RWA Employment activity concentrated primarily on Aboriginal employment. With the absorption of the RWA the Aboriginal Employment and Enterprise Activities were transferred to the Australian Technology Park. Information from 2011 about these programmes can be found on the ATP website. Employment programmes aimed at the broader public housing community never eventuated within the RWA.
Draft Employment and Enterprise Plan - 12 December 2005
The RWA released a draft Employment and Enterprise plan for counsultation on 12 December 2005. The Consultation runs until 28 February 2006.
Final Redfern-Waterloo Employment and Enterprise Plan - 19 May 2006
The Final Redfern-Waterloo Employment and Enterprise Plan while dated 19 May 2006 was released via a Media Release on 5 july 2006.
File Draft and Final Redfern-Waterloo Employment and Enterprise Plan Comparison
This is a text comparison of the Draft and Final Employment and Enterprise Plans to assist those familiar with the Draft to quickly identify major changes made in the Final Plan. Please use this as a guide only. (MS Word 144 Kb).
Creating a Culture of Work in the Redfern Waterloo Area
The Culture of Work Study was undertaken by Arrilla - Indigenous Consultants and services in November 2006 for the RWA. The study "sought to identify the barriers for creating a culture of work (in consultation with the local community) and to develop a series of strategies aimed to overcome such barriers". -- PLEASE NOTE -- This is a scanned copy of the report supplied by the RWA. We have made an OCR overlay to assist those wishing to extract text from the document, however please check the text carefully against the scanned document to ensure there are no OCR errors. As the middle of the report is in landscape we have broken it into three parts for easy of on screen reading.