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Human Services Plans

With the RWA taking over the role of the Premiers Department Redfern Waterloo Partnership Project (RWPP) the RWA became also responsible for the reform of Human Services within Redfern Waterloo which had been recommended by the Morgan Disney Report. The RWA produced two Human Services Plans and an initial evaluation of HSP1. The SMDA have taken over some responsibility for the Human Services Plans but it is unclear as to how this area of the RWA's responsibility will be progressed. Improved Human Service delivery was one of the aims of the NSW Government intervention which was not achieved by the RWA.
Overview of RWA Human Services
This section provides an overview of the RWA's involvement in human services.
Human Service Cluster Groups
Based on the Morgan Disney Review of Human Services the RWPP & RWA broke up the services in Redfern Waterloo into seven service clusters. Services in these cluster services are to be "reformed" to improve service delivery to the community. Four of these clusters are the focus in 2005 with the balance expected to be looked at in early 2006. The clusters looked at in 2005 were Aboriginal Services, Family & Children's Services, Health Services and Youth Services.
RWA Statements on Human Services
The RWPP RWA has made a number of statemets about the Reform of Human Services. Here we have bought together these statements.
Needle Van and Lawson St Health Center
One of the Governments first announcements at the time of the establishment of the RWA was that the Needle exchange on the Block would close and that a New Primary health Care Centre would be set up in Lawson Street. While the anouncement was initially welcomed by REDWatch, the government did not undertake the community education programme required and a significant community backlash saw a group called RED ALERT formed (no relationship to REDWatch) which managed to get the Lawson Street proposal stopped. Here we have some material about this issue.
Human Services Advisory Committee (HSAC)
The HSAC is one of RWA's Ministerial Advisory Committees. It was originally selected by the RWPP to be the Human Services Implimentation Working Group (HSIWG) as proposed by the Morgan Disney Review into Human Services. With the decision to fold the RWPP into the RWA not long after the RWA was established the Minister decided that the HSIWG would become the first Ministerial Advisory Group. In August 2005 some additions were made to the original HSIWG membership. The HSAC has been chaged with advising the Minister and the RWA on Human Services in Redfern Waterloo.
Redfern Waterloo Human Services Plan Phase 1
On 14 October 2005 the RWA released Phase One Draft of the Human Services Plan for Redfern-Waterloo. Below are the details of the draft Human Services Plan and material released by the RWA on its website or vis publications regarding the draft HSP. Also below you will find community responses to the draft Human Services Plan, a Copy of the Final Plan and a text comparison of the draft and Final Human Services Plan Documents.
Human Services Plan Phase 2
In late June 2006 the RWA started the process for developing Phase 2 of the RWA Human Services plan for services provided to older people, people with disabilities, homeless people and migrant communities.
Ongoing Evaluation of the RWA Human Service Plan
With the RWA Human Services Plan being implimented there has been discussion about how it will be evaluated. This section deals with the RWA Evaluation Framework with Key Performance Indicators.
HSMAC NGO Report Back - 16th August 2007
Helen Campbell the Executive Officer of Redfern Legal Centre made a formal report back to Redfern Waterloo service agencies and local residents on 16th August 2007 regarding her involvement on the HSMAC and the RWA's progress in reforming human services. The report back followed Minister Sartor's decision to drop Helen from the RWA Human Services Ministerial Advisory Committee and not to have a formal representative of local Non Government Service providers on the HSMAC.
Human Services Co-ordination
In January 2013 a meeting of government agencies operating in Redfern and Waterloo met and decided they will hold monthly Redfern-Waterloo service co-ordination meetings. This followed a number of discussions between REDWatch and key government and non-government services about the need for a new move to co-ordinate the delivery of government services especially into public housing. Here we have collected information on post RWA Human Services Co-ordination.
Waterloo Human Services Plan
As part of the Waterloo SSP redevelopment REDWatch and local agencies pushed for a Human Services Plan to go alongside the built environment master plan. in 2017 FACS LAHC agreed such a plan would be undertaken. Here we have pulled together activities that relate to human service planning in Waterloo.