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Better Planning Network Comments on New Planning System

REDWatch joined the Better Planning Network (BPN) in 2012 in recognition that the changes proposed in the Planning Green Paper required a mechanism to co-ordinate responses from community groups accross the state. The BPN brings together a diverse range of over 350 groups accross the state is diverse. REDWatch sees it as important that mechainsm like the BPN undertake work on the New Planning System as this makes more sence than individual groups duplicating this work. REDWatch supports BPN activities in the City of Sydney LGA under the banner of the Innercity Planning Network. To join this email list email
BPN Key Issues and Submission Guide
This is the Better Planning Network (BPN) Key Issues and Submission Guide for the NSW Planning Review White Paper and Planning Bills.
File BPN Fact Sheet - Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD)
One of the main changes in the prosed NSW New Planning System is to remove the current Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) from the Planning Act. In NSW ESD is referenced in 60 other Acts. It is proposed to replace ESD with "Sustainable Development" without the current principles that define ESD in the Act. The Department has not been clear in public forums about this change and its importance. This BPN Fact Sheet explains the issue. File is 221 KB PDF.
Better Planning Network - White Paper (WP) Overview
This overview of the white paper (wp) was produced by the Better planning Network on 20 April 2013.
BPN draws the heavyweights on NSW Planning
For a volunteer-based community outfit, the Better Planning Network knows how to pull the big guns. Speaking at yesterday’s community forum was a broad array of politicians and planning luminaries of all persuasions. As Sydney state representative Alex Greenwich noted, “Any organisation that brings both the Reverend Fred Nile and myself to an event to speak certainly deserves to be congratulated.” reports Cameron Jewell for the Fifth Estate on 21 May 2013.
File BPN Forum - Issues Discussed
This is a report on the Key Issues Discussed at the Better Planning Network Community Forum on the Planning White Paper in the NSW Parliament Theatrette on 20 May 2013. File is 332 KB PDF.
Consultation Conjuring Trick
The Better Planning Network deplores NSW Planning Minister, Brad Hazzard’s decision not to suspend the Draft Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney until the new planning system is determined. The Minister’s only concession is to allow people to comment until June 28th – the same day comments are due on the planning White Paper reports this media release from the Beter Planning Network on 26 May 2013.
BPN Apeals to Minister to Act on Their Feedback
Community groups and expert planners attending yesterday’s Better Planning Network Community Forum at Parliament House, appealed to the NSW Planning and Infrastructure Minister, Brad Hazzard, to make real and meaningful changes to the proposed planning system as a result of the Government’s consultation process, and not just pay it lip-service reports this BPN media release of 21 May 2013.
NSW Government’s Cynical Betrayal of Community
“The NSW Government’s planning White Paper and Draft Legislation is a cynical betrayal of every promise made to the community,” said Better Planning Network’s Corinne Fisher in this media release on 16th April 2013 from the Better Planning Network.
New Laws Hazardous to Heritage
The Better Planning Network (BPN) says the new planning laws proposed by NSW Planning Minister Brad Hazzard will endanger our Heritage buildings and sites reports this media release from the Better Planning Network on 18 April 2013.
File BPN Fact Sheet - Corruption and the NSW Planning Reforms
In February 2012, the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) released a report “Anti Corruption Safeguards and the NSW Planning System” (the Report) that identified six corruption prevention safeguards that would reduce the frequency of corruption if integrated into the NSW planning system. These safeguards, together with comments on where the Bills fall short, are set out below in this Fact Sheet produced by BPN. File is 204 KB PDF.
Corruption Risk Remains in NSW Planning Bills Despite ICAC Warning
The NSW Government has ignored warnings from the Independent Commission Against Corruption that its new planning system is open to corruption. Better Planning Network’s Corrine Fisher said “We are deeply concerned that there will be a high risk of corruption occurring under the new laws'' in this media release from The Better Planning Network on 27 June 2013.
File BPN Submission on the New Planning System White Ppaer
This is the Better Planning Network's Submission on the White Paper: A New Planning System for NSW and Associated Planning Bills. File is 825 KB PDF.