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Training & Employment

Training and Employment projects are important in helping some people in public housing gain the skills to enter the workforce. While there are projects aimed at Aboriginal Employment by the RWA the difficult area of skilling non Aboriginal tenants has tended to be left to initiatives lead by Non-Government Agencies.
File Marton Gardens Mosaic
The large and brilliant mural mosaic is located at the Waterloo Green Marton Gardens area, which is between the high rise social housing buildings, bringing new colour and life to the area. The project was sponsored by the City of Sydney and the NSW Department of Housing and was coordinated by the Waterloo/Redfern Housing Communities Assistance Program (HCAP) (a community development program) at the Factory Community Centre, in partnership with many community organisations in the area. Young and older residents have worked together on these projects over the last 9 months - from designing, to creating, and installing the project with over 348 young people and 363 adults taking part at various stages of the project. This PDF file shows a before and after shot of the gates and the new moasic - PDF 2.1MB.