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Community Safety

One of the key issues of the area relates to safety in and around public housing. Here we have pulled together some Community Safety areas including Safety Audits, Waterloo Green and the HNSW trial for concierges in Waterloo high rises.
Waterloo Green
Waterloo Green surrounds the main Waterloo high rise public housing. The land is owned by HNSW and residents have complained about anti-social activity exacerbated by lack of maintenance in the area for many years. In many respects the issues of Waterloo Green bring together many of the issues facing Redfern Waterloo which require co-ordinated action by various human services government departments and no-government agencies.
Tenant sues HNSW and WINS!
A Department of Housing tenant in Sydney's notorious Redfern area has successfully sued the Department of Housing for failing to provide her with "quiet enjoyment" following an ongoing dispute with a neighbour over antisocial behaviour reports Our House Swap on 11 March 2011.
File Redfern Community Safety Audit (2010)
Redfern Community Safety Audit (2010) - This document details the concerns and issues identified by all participants during the safety audit arround public housing in Redfern undertaken in 2010. The report says it will be the basis for planning future activity in the area in the pursuit of improved safety for residents and visitors to the Redfern Area. The document is owned by the Project Control Group which oversaw the Audit and was released in November 2011 after a considerable delay and much agitation. File is 380KB PDF.
Issues for long-suffering tenants
Not a meeting with public tenants goes past without hearing horror stories about preventable problems in public housing writes Geoff Turnbull in the April 2012 edition of The South Sydney Herald.
File Waterloo Low Rise Building Safety Audit 2015
This is a copy of the June 2015 Waterloo Low Rise Building Safety Audit report is released, conducted by Waterloo Neighbourhood Board lead by Counterpoint
File Waterloo Safety Audit report 2012
his is a copy of the 2012 Waterloo Safety Audit report is released, conducted by Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board lead by City of Sydney Council