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Tenant Participation

There are a number of formal mechanisms in which tenants meet with other tenants and HNSW to raise issues which are of concern to them. At the local level Redfern and Waterloo tenants have Neighbourhood Advisory Boards and Housing Standards Committees and other working groups.
File Housing NSW - Future Directions Tenant Participation Program Discussion Paper - March 2008
This consultation paper outlines a proposed new direction and implementation process for Housing NSW’s Tenant Participation Program (TPP), and specifically the future funding of Tenant Participation Resource Services (TPRS), currently delivered by Regional Tenant Resource Services (RTRS) and Public Tenants Councils (PTC). (94 KB PDF)
A Tenent Response to Housing NSW - Future Directions Tenant Participation Program Discussion Paper
The future of Public Tenants Councils are in doubt as a result of the latest proposals from Housing NSW. Here Ross Smith reflects on a recent Housing NSW meeting to look at Future Directions Tenant Participation.
File Dallas Rogers explores 10 tensions between democratic expectations and realities in tenant organising
In his paper "The NSW State Plan, community participation and affordable housing: Tensions between democracy and market-centric development" delivered at the Annual Marg Barry Memorial Lecture 2012 on 6 December 2012, Dr Dallas Rogers from the Urban Research Centre at University of Western Sydney explores 10 tensions between democratic expectations and democratic realities in tenant organising. In the paper REDWatch is cited as an example of a monitory democracy organisation. The file is 2MB PDF.
File QLD Tenant Participation Program Review 2011
In July 2010, the Queensland Department of Communities commenced a review of its Tenant Participation program. This review provided the department with an opportunity to consider the fundamental delivery of Tenant Participation for social housing tenants in Queensland. This is the summary report and recommendations. This report has disappeared from the Department's website since the change of Government and it looks unlikely to be implemented. It is potentially of interest to others outside Queensland with an interest in tenant participation. File is 4MB PDF.
File 1986 Housing Officer's Training Course on Tenant Participation
Tenant Participation was a new policy introduced by the Department of Housing in August 1985 to enable public tenants of N.S.W. the opportunity to become involved, and have a greater say, in the planning and management of their homes. It was believed that tenants should be included in the decision making process which directly affects their everyday life. This document is a Housing Officers Training Course in November 1986 spelling out the policy. File is 229 KB PDF.