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Claims of plot to 'crucify' Mundine - 9 October 2005

REDFERN Aboriginal elder Mick Mundine yesterday accused operatives from the Iemma Government of attempting to stage a coup against him. Reports Alex Mitchell State Political Editor in the Sun Herald.

"They are trying to get rid of me - they are trying to crucifying me," he said yesterday.

Mr Mundine said the aim was to remove him as chief executive of the Aboriginal Housing Company which owns The Block, the rundown housing estate which has become the focal point of a blazing planning row.

While Mr Mundine's board has a master plan to redevelop The Block with an Aboriginal cultural centre and 62 houses for local Aborigines, the State Govern¬ment's scheme allows space for only 19 homes.

The whistleblower accusing the Government of seeking Mr Mundine's overthrow, Ray Jackson of the Indigenous Social Justice Association, said the threat was delivered at a meeting he attended on September 28 with two Government officials.

In a written record of the discussions, Mr Jackson stated: "They then moved to their agenda which involved their wishes to find an organisation that would remove Mick Mundine from the Aboriginal Housing Company and for that organisation to then work with the Government on solving The Block issues.

"Whilst not surprised - it is well known that the NSW Government has `problems' with Mick - their offer was totally rejected as being neither viable nor useful."

The latest claims will further inflame relations between the Aboriginal community and Planning Minister Frank Sartor who recently told Koori Radio that Mr Mundine should "get his black arse" into his office for talks on the future of The Block.

"This is yet another disgraceful abuse of power by a NSW Government trying to undermine Aboriginal governance and self-determination in Redfern," Mr Mundine said.

Opposition Leader Peter Debnam deplored the Government's "unprincipled attack" on Mr Mundine.

"It appears that the Government's plan is to undermine the Redfern community's leadership and bend the community to its will," he said.