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North Eveleigh Clothing Store Precinct

This is the part of North Eveleigh to the Newtown side of Carriageworks. I contains the affordable housing Platform Apartments. In 2024 the balance of the site is being transferred to Homes NSW.
Clothing Store Sub-Precinct Redevelopment
Transport Asset Holding Entity (TAHE) called for Expressions of Interest for the redevelopment of the Clothing Store Precinct on 17 November 2022. This section of the website deals with the redevelopment of this part of the Redfern North Eveleigh site.
UrbanGrowth Plans for North Eveleigh - Newtown end
UrbanGrowth NSW Central to Eveleigh produced inital plans for this precinct during 2015.
North Eveleigh Affordable Housing
Affordable Housing was announced for the North Eveleigh site by Minister Sartor in 2008. The RWA applied for support for affordable housing from the Federal Government Housing Affordability Fund (HAF) in 2010. In April 2012 it was announced that 61 units of affordable housing would be placed with HAF support on the western end of the North Eveleigh site. The SMDA immediately placed on exhibition a Draft Review of Environmental Factors for Early Works and and Infrastructure Works. Expressions of Interest have also been called for from registered Affordable Housing Providers to own and operate the affordable housing.
North Eveleigh Community Forum & Submission Background
Here you will find some background to the North Eveleigh Concept Plan and links to documents repating to the plan and the Affordable Housing Exhibition. Due to changes on the RWA & SMDA website we have provided new links to documents. This document was originally sent out as an email to people with an interest in North Eveleigh Issues.
SMDA planning glimpse - North Eveleigh Affordable Housing
The $M30+ CUB site contribution for affordable housing gets a top-up with the discovery of a Housing Affordability Fund grant to the RWA for $7,911,904 for a “North Eveleigh Affordable Housing Project”. The grant was made 22 months ago on 19/4/2010 and is to be expended within 59 months. No announcement of this project or of how the RWA/SMDA will deliver affordable housing has been made writes Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald of March 2012.
Homes NSW Planning for Clothing Store Precinct
On July 1 2024 the NSW Government announced that the Clothing Store precinct was being transferred to Homes NSW for a 500 housing redevelopment with 50% earmarked for social and affordable housing.