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Missy in action on behalf of the AMS

Pop singer and Aussie icon Missy Higgins took time out from her busy schedule to lend support to the Aboriginal Medical Service in Redfern reports Ben Falkenmire in the South Sydney Herald of February 2008.

The Melbournian was in town to perform at the Kev Carmody tribute, ‘Cannot Buy My Soul’. Keeping with the Indigenous theme, she dropped in to see Naomi Myers and her hard working faithful as part of Close the Gap, a campaign seeking to reduce the 17-year difference between non-Indigenous and Indigenous life expectancy.

When asked by the SSH, Why Redfern? Ms Higgins said, “I really wanted to come and look at the positive things that are happening in Aboriginal health service. A lot of the time you only hear the negatives in newspapers.”

The singer-songwriter is aware her support may have flow-on effects. “I want to help encourage the Government to put money in the right areas. I love this clinic. It’s culturally sensitive and caters to the needs of the community. It’s actually run by the community. It’s really great to see,’’ the 23-year-old said.

Redfern’s Aboriginal Medical Service was established in the 1970s, pioneering standards of Aboriginal health care.

Source: South Sydney Herald February 2008 -