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Frasers Broadway plan greener, bigger

Frasers Property announced on April 8 that it proposes to alter the approved concept plan for the former CUB brewery site. Central to the proposed change is to build Australia’s first six-star green precinct with a target of 100% carbon neutrality reports Geoff Turnbull in the South Sydney Herald May 2008.

Initiatives include tri-generation which produces electricity on-site and uses excess energy to produce heating and cooling for the entire site. Rain water capture and sewerage harvesting are also among the green initiatives proposed and it is expected the project will be able to supply some services to its neighbours.

Not only will the site have strong green credentials it will also look green, with rooftop gardens and hanging gardens a feature of what was unveiled in front of the media and the Minister for Planning.

To help future-proof the development parking is concentrated rather than under each building with entry near the site boundary. Parking will be owned and administered as part of the development rather than sold with floor space. This lowers building costs and has reduced the number of car spaces needed to service the development.

The same spot can be used by businesses during the day and residents and those visiting the new Kensington Street strip during the night. It also allows for car share spaces to be adjusted to meet future needs as well as for car charging points and possible conversion of parking to other uses as car usage changes.

Removing the car-dominated street layout has enabled Frasers to open up the site to greater pedestrian use. A decision to reallocate floor space has removed one building near the old brewery to create a new square and increase public accessible space by one third.

By the time the development is completed there will be a much stronger demand for green offices and units which Frasers hope to service with this development. Frasers green announcement dovetails nicely with council’s strategy for a green global and connected city so it came as no surprise that Frasers project was given a prominent place at the City of Sydney’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 launch.

Since purchasing the site Frasers has been in discussion with residents, council and other stake holders about its concerns and what it would like to see on the site. Many suggestions made in these discussions have been taken up by Frasers and its international and Australian architects.

During discussions resident representatives expressed concern about the density that had been approved for the site. So they were not impressed that Frasers used the opportunity to also ask for a further 6.38% floor space on the site in addition to increasing the proportion of commercial space from 40% to 50%.

The increased floor space when added with floor space reallocated from the removed building results in much greater density going into the commercial part of the development near the corner of Abercrombie Street and Broadway which now  exceeds the height of the old brewery chimney.

Councillor John McInerney has already gone on record opposing the proposed increase in floor space as have the Combined Chippendale Community Groups who have written to Minister Sartor arguing that “the amended plan’s proposed increase in massing and scale is contrary to the findings from the Design Competition, independent expert opinion and the previous community consultation process.”

The public will get its say when the new plans go on exhibition in the near future. More information on the development can be found at

Geoff Turnbull is spokesperson for REDWatch and has been involved in meetings between Frasers and community representatives as well as attending the media conference.

Image:Caption: Aerial view of development showing tallest building (same size as UTS) and surrounding area in outlineSource: South Sydney Herald May 2008