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Redfern-Waterloo on the Up

This letter from Robert Domm Chief Executive Officer Redfern Waterloo Authority appeared in the letter / opinion page of the central of 21st May 2008 in response to the article last week on human services.

THE Redfern-Waterloo Human Services Plan of reform began three years ago. During that time, Phase One of the program has been finalised and implemented. This phase contains key reforms directed at improving services primarily for children and families, Aboriginal people and young people.

Phase Two of the plan is currently being finalised. This phase contains proposed reforms and actions directed to improving services for the aged, homeless people, people with disabilities and migrant communities.

The RWA will continue to play the key role in evaluating the implementation by agencies of both phases of the Human Services Plan. The RWA financial details are contained in the annual reports available on the website.

- ROBERT DOMM, Chief Executive Officer Redfern Waterloo Authority

Source: in the Central of 21 May2008.

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