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Leagues Club launches loyalty program

South Sydney Leagues Club is in its 50th year and although the first half century was filled with memorable moments and some controversy, the next 50 years look most promising. For this Leagues Club is probably the most watched over in Australia, with intense interest from media and members reports the South Sydney Herald of October 2008.

It may be closed for redevelopment but it is making every effort to stay connected and grow its membership even before the opening of the new Club.

“In order to build a strong community of members, we have to network them together with our projects and initiatives. Our members are all over Sydney,” states Bill Alexiou-Hucker, Chairman of the Leagues Club. “So using the latest technologies and sound ideology we can stay in communication with the loyal members that call South Sydney Leagues Club their ‘home away from home.’”

Being resourceful is important to any club but when the club has a growing membership and the doors aren’t even open to the public, ingenuity and inventiveness become a priority. 

Souths Leagues started by implementing a regular e-news update to their online members. Thirsty for updates, the number of members is growing each week as computers become commonplace.

Their next step is the launch of the Loyalty program. This initiative is a first of its kind in NSW for a Leagues Club and will offer members numerous benefits and rewards. 

Souths Leagues plans on building an extensive association with all types of businesses in the local community and around Sydney and as members simply shop and buy products and services through this program, they will raise funds for the Club’s community programs as well as bonus dollars in rebates for their own personal use.

“It didn’t take long to kick it off and we already have several companies even before our formal launch,” says Bill. “We are looking for any business, company, sole trader or individual who feels that they can offer our members something they can use or need. It’s that simple. If you are interested call the Club and find out more.”

This new initiative commences immediately after the Club received a succession of great news. 

To start with, the long awaited DA has been approved and the eagerly anticipated work on the building, not only the Leagues Club’s floor, will commence in October.

In addition, Souths Leagues gained the management rights to the Redfern Park Café. Combine this with the unveiling of the beautifully rejuvenated Redfern Park and all seems to be moving forward to the realisation of having a wonderful public arena for families, members and the community. 

Given its position within Redfern Park, and the impending return to Redfern of the South Sydney Rabbitohs, the Café is well positioned to cater to the community. 

Souths Leagues will also be releasing, in the near future, details of community and member initiatives to be implemented in the “Long Room”, a new Council Community Room above the Café and overlooking the park and the oval. 

This next program will accommodate workshops that will include further education, physical activities and creativity, events that will be focused around friendships, music – and just a great place to interact and find new and old friends.

“A great ambience all on its own, to look over Redfern Park’s beautiful trees and the stylish new Oval whilst being entertained or learning something to enhance your life,” Bill says. “How good’s that? We truly hope that everyone embraces the evolution of Redfern and visits the new found charm of Chalmers Street.”

For a long time this area has been waiting for a revival. South Sydney Leagues Club seems to be assuring that the stamp it is going to leave will be a beneficial one. A symbiotic emblem of the new Redfern, a place to live as a cooperative with sport, community and nature … and a lot of enjoyment as well!

Source: South Sydney Herald October 2008