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Marg Barry Lecture – with photos

This year the Inner SydneyRegional Council for Social Development’s annual Marg Barry Memorial Lecture was held at Redfern Town Hall in conjunction with an open evening event where a series of photos from its archives was on display reports Ross Smith in the November 2011 issues of the South Sydney Herald.

People were asked to put names to the faces in the photos. To highlight the importance of the history contained in the photos, Dr Lisa Murray (City of Sydney Historian) gave an address on the importance of accurate archives and their role in the recording of the history of both an area and its residents.

The people who came in through the evening were taken on a trip down memory lane and reminded of old acquaintances and the history of the area. They also met and spoke with people that they had not seen, in some cases, for decades. The photos provided a snapshot of the area and a reminder of the rich tapestry of its past and the strength of its community.

Hopefully, the strength of the current community will help it face new challenges of and there will be another “put names to the faces” in the future.

If you would like to view the photos contact the Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development: 02 9698 7690 –

Source: November 2011 South Sydney Herald