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Statistical Information about Redfern Waterloo

The suburbs of Redfern Eveleigh Darlington Waterloo (REDW) and the land covered by Alexandria Park School define the area covered by the Redfern Waterloo Authority. The suburbs covered include some of Sydney’s most disadvantaged areas as well as some areas far from disadvantage. To get a picture of the whole area is difficult as the REDW area is a NSW Government construct which does not directly correspond to Local Government and Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) areas. Below we provide some links to suburb and regional profiles which will enable you to gain an understanding of the REDW area.

ABS 2011 Census Figures


The Australian Bureau of Statistics have released their first figures from the 2011 census. They show population increases in Redfern of 4.8% over the last 5 years and an increase of 24.2% for Waterloo. Over the last 10 years the population of Redfern has increased 12.5% and Waterloo a huge 206%!

You can see the profiles for each suburb at Redfern, Waterloo and Eveleigh. In the 2011 census Darlington is included with Newtown Camperdown Darlington.

Suburb Level Information


On the City of Sydney site some suburbs like Redfern and Darlington provide suburban data while suburbs like Waterloo are incorporated statistically with Zetland as is Eveleigh with Erskineville. Below from the city of Sydney’s website we have provided links to the suburban profiles for REDW and for one of the Inner South LAP area which combines some of the area. Links to surrounding suburbs on the City of Sydney site can be found at the foot of the page on any of the REDW links below.

The ABS site allows the extraction of data for Waterloo as well as Redfern and Darlington. Note in the ABS database Eveleigh is not recognised as a suburb (Eveleigh, the area of the former Railyards became a suburb in April 1998). North Eveleigh is taken up in Darlington while South Eveleigh is part of Erskineville. The links for suburban statistics on the ABS website for the 2006 census are as follows:

 You can also search the ABS data for data covering other suburbs & locations by making an ABS Search.

LGA Level Information

Statistical Information including some mapping is available across the entire Sydney Local Government area. This information can be found by an ABS Search or from the City of Sydney's own LGA profiles:

Getting a Picture which includes all of REDW

The smallest statistical breakdown of Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) that covers the entire REDW area is the Sydney South Statistical Local Area. The Sydney South Statistical Local Area Coverage also includes Camperdown, Erskineville, Alexandria Beaconsfield, Zetland and Rosebery. While the aggregated statistics need to be treated with caution as it includes figures outside the REDW area the MapStats are useful as the give a pictorial representation of statistical measures across the whole of Redfern, Eveleigh and Waterloo. You can make maps (including in PDF or PNG format) for some useful data sets from:

Combined Sources

A number of Government Commissioned reports such as the Morgan Disney Review of Redfern Waterloo Human Services and the various Redfern Waterloo Authority Plans and Reports also include some statistical information on the area which is obtained from other sources. If you can not find what you are looking for on the ABS and City of Sydney sites you may find some additional information from other Government reports into the area. 

The REDWatch website also contains Redfern Waterloo & RWA Maps which are taken from some of the above reports which may also be useful in obtaining information about the Redfern Waterloo area.

If you have any suggestions for sources that would improve this web page please let REDWatch know so we can include the information.