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Find a Local Community Service

This folder provides some different ways of locating community services in Redfern - Waterloo and surrounding areas. Not all services will show up in all the directories so if you can not find what you are looking for in one directory you may need to try the others. While organisations putting directories together try to keep them up to date this is not always possible, so check with the provider before you make arrangements based on their listings. If you know of any other directories that would be useful to have added to this site please contact
Connect Redfern
Connect Redfern issue a number of lists (updated at the beginning of the school term) for Children and Family services in Redfern Waterloo. We have posted the most recent listings. These brochures are also available by email. If you wish to be placed on the email list for future brochures please contact Jo on 9319 3207 or email If you would like information about your organisation / activities placed in these brochures, or need to make changes to current information, please contact Jo.
ISRCSD Community Services Map
The Inner Sydney Regional Council for Social Development maintains a map of services in the City of Sydney, Leichhardt, Botany, Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Local Government Areas. To update services on the map contact ISRC or email:
Lincs Directory
Find a Service using the Local Information Network for Community Services (LINCS) which contains information submitted by local councils. This is also the database used by Docs for the Parent Services Directory. Within the City of Sydney LGA the database is styled as the "City of Sydney Community Services Directory".
Emergency & Useful Phone Numbers for Redfern, Eveleigh, Darlington and Waterloo
These numbers have been assembled from City of Sydney fridge magnets & other sources. They are provided here as a community service. While care has been exercised in providing this information we can not be held responsible for any inaccuracies or for the failure of any of the services provided by the organisations listed below:
Other Service Directories
There are a number of government and non government directories on the internet that will also help you find specialised services such as Sport and Recreation Activies, Education and Human Services. We have provided some links below to some of these sites.
Local Public Toilets
With many people homeless and many people have incontinence problems it is important to be able to find a public toilet. For many people their trip depends on knowing where toilets are. Here we have provided a link to public toilets in the City of Sydney but you can use this site to find them around Australia. In Redfern Waterloo the map tells us they are at Railway Stations (for those with a ticket) and Shopping Centres in Broadway and Surry Hills. If you are in Waterloo where many aged people live the national database can not help you.
File Human Services Identified by Morgan Disney Review
This is the list of Human Services identified by the Morgan Disney Review of Human Services servicing the Redfern Waterloo Area. Please note that this list was put together in the second half of 2004 and has not been updated so changes in personel, service funding and contact details will not be reflected in the list. The list does however put names to the services identified by Morgan Disney which were not released with their Report. File is 311 Kb MS Word document.
Redfern Waterloo Index of Services - Helen Campbell 16th August 2007
The Morgan Disney Review of Human Services in Redfern Waterloo set out to map the Human Services in the area. The review came up with around 200 services. This was many more than the number of services that local service providers said actually operated in the area. In her report back to the Community Services Sector Helen Campbell on 16th August 2007 provided a list of 34 services as a more realistic Redfern Waterloo Index of Services. File is MSWord 106 Kb.
File RWA Redfern-Waterloo Community Facilities & Services Map - May 2008
This is a map of Redfern-Waterloo Community Facilities & Services which was included in the RWA's North Eveleigh Social Impact Assessment (Appendix V of the Concept Plan) in May 2008. This map of the area's services is the first public compilation by the RWA of the RWA's services since the Morgan Disney study into the areas services. File is 1 MB PDF.
File RedWater Montage - Volunteers ... The Heart of Our Community
This booklet was produced by the Factory Community Centre and South Sydney Community Aid in September 2012. It collects 39 stories of volunteers in the Redfern and Waterloo area and information about where they volunteer. These stories both show the importance and strength of volunteers and groups in our community. Hopefully the stories also encourage others to volenteer some time to help others in the community. File is 2MB PDF.
RWA - Redfern Waterloo Human Service Maps (as at end 2011)
The Redfern Waterloo area has a host of community service providers. The RWA produced maps to enable people to find the service quickly and easily. The maps were only available on line and disapeared when the RWA website was taken down. REDWatch has these maps from the mirror of the site made before the site disappeard. These maps were current at the end of 2011 but changes have taken place since this time - one of the major ones has been the closure of the Redfern Centre associated with St Saviours. The Maps detail where each of the services were located in the Redfern Waterloo area by type of service (Aboriginal; Aged, Disability, Youth and Health; Education and Employment; Family and Multi Services) is available. The original colour markers did not make the transition but if you click on the link of the organisation you can see its contact details and where it was located. We have had problems with these maps and they are currently not available on line.