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Submission on RW Plan

In May 2005 REDWatch adopted a report from the REDWatch Redfern Waterloo Plan Working Group to go to the Minister and the RWA setting out REDWatch's thoughts on how the RWA should go about the process of developing the Redfern Waterloo Plan. This submission sets out some of REDWatches concerns as well as a practical framework for creating an integrated planning framework.
Cover Sheet to Submission
This sumarises the documents included in the submission
Questions and Answers
This document covers Questions and Answers about the proposed Redfern - Waterloo Plan and REDWatch's proposed Integrated Planning Framework.
File Unhealthy and Healthy Community Indicators
In preparing the Community Participation Principles REDWatch’s attention was drawn to a list of Unhealthy and Healthy community indicators from Building Healthy Communities. REDWatch felt these indicators were also important in building a health community in Redfern - Waterloo. This list was included in our submission and is contained in the pdf file on this page.
Community Participation Principles
The submission included some Community Participation Principles which REDWatch wished to see addopted by the RWA in light of the criticism that had been leveled against the government's poor track record of consultation in Redfern - Waterloo.
The REDWatch Planning Framework for the Redfern-Waterloo Plan
This document contain REDWatch’s ideas on a planning framework for Redfern-Waterloo. This framework is in four parts: A) “The Plan in Outline”, which provides a broad overview of how the Redfern-Waterloo Plan could be developed, implemented and reviewed; B) A summary of the steps involved in developing, implementing and reviewing the Redfern - Waterloo Plan; C) suggestions for specific ground rules for developing, implementing and reviewing the Redfern - Waterloo Plan and; D) more detailed explanations of why each of the ground rules is needed.
File Download Full Planning Framework Statement
This is a pdf version of the full REDWatch Submission on the need for an integrated planning framework for the Redfern - Waterloo Plan of 31st May 2005.