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REDWatch 2009 Statements

This is a record of statements made by REDWatch on Redfern Waterloo Issues in 2009. Other statements made by REDWatch may also appear in the Media Articles and in submissions made to Government or the Redfern Waterloo Authority.
REDWatch Submission on Darlington PCTC - September 2009
This is the submission made by REDWatch regarding the City of Sydney's Draft Pedestrian, Cycling, Parking and traffic (PCTC) Plan for Newtown Darlington Camperdown and Erskineville in September 2009.
REDWatch’s comments on 18 Month RWA Human Services Plan Evaluation
The following comments were made by REDWatch to the RWA as feedback on the RWA's 18 month Evaluation of the RWA Human Services Plan Phase One in September 2009.