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Please vote for REDWatch on Project Local

You can help support REDWatch fundraising by voting for REDWatch's submission on Project Local. More details can be found here ...

For the last 7 years REDWatch has been in the business of getting the word out about what is happening in Redfern & Waterloo. We have done this without any external funding relying on the time and contributions of our members. The nature of REDWatch’s activity limits the places that REDWatch can go to for funding but income is necessary to better do many of the things we do – like getting the word out to residents about forums and activities for those not on email, so we are having to look at fundraising activities.

REDWatch recently made a submission for funding to Project Local which is a community grant programme which is run locally through Central Magazine. The $2,500 grant turns out to be granted on community voting and so we are asking our members and supporters to support our Community Resourcing and Education project. Voting Closes on Friday 2 December 2011.

To give REDWatch your votes you first have to register and then get a link which gets you 10 votes and access to voting. REDWatch is one of four local options within the Central’s coverage area – ours is the big red square!

You get given 10 votes and get to cast them one at a time for the projects of your choice. So if you want to cast all 10 votes for the REDWatch proposal, which we hope you will do, then you will need to vote 10 times for the REDWatch proposal.

We hope you can support REDWatch in this way as well as ask others you know to support this REDWatch fundraising activity.