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2012 REDWatch Statements

This is a record of general statements made by REDWatch relevant to Redfern Waterloo Issues in 2012. Other statements made by REDWatch may appear elsewhere in the Media Articles and in submissions made to Government or the Redfern Waterloo Authority. These statements normally are placed in the section of the site to which they relate.
REDWatch Submission on NSW Planning System Review Green Paper
Below is the text of the REDWatch Submission on the NSW Planning System Review Green Paper submitted on 14 September 2012. This submission raises many concerns based on REDWatch's Redfern Waterloo experience.
REDWatch Supports the Better Planning Network - See Video
REDWatch supports the Better Planning Networks capmaign to achieve a fair NSW Planning System that protects our well-being, environment and heritage. Watch and share this 2min Better Planning Network video and show your support for the Better Planning Network Campaign.