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01 December 2004

REDWatch Briefing Paper for Legislative Council / Where is the Boundary of the Redfern Waterloo Authority? / Sydney Morning Herald Articles / Media Statements / wRedwRrag Resurrected

REDWatch Briefing Paper for Legislative Council

Attached please find the REDWatch Briefing paper on the Redfern Waterloo Authority Bill 2004. While REDWatch have other concerns they see these issues as being the most likely to be picked up for amendment. This Briefing paper has been prepared to set out nine amendments which REDWatch believes will strengthen the Bill and allow for greater community involvement and surety in the RWA.

REDWatch presented these proposals to Minister Sartor on Tuesday (see today’s SMH) and is seeking to have amendments based on these points moved in the Upper House. To be accepted, the Liberal party and some cross benchers will need to move and support these amendments on Tuesday 7th December in the Upper House. The Government will also have to accept them in the lower house when they are returned. REDWatch believe that if the opposition was to pick these amendments up that they would not create major problems for the Minister even though there will be resistance from the Minister to any change to the legislation. The minister seemed prepared to look at some of the issues yesterday but would prefer to take them up outside the legislation. REDWatch’s concern is that unless they are in the Bill there is no guarantee that future Ministers will continue any procedures put in place by the current Minister.

We are encouraging everyone to support the REDWatch amendments as a minimum requirement for the Bill to be amended in the Upper House. For these to be accepted there will need to be pressure on the Liberals and the Cross Benchers so please email them, ring them and make your concerns known.

Below for easy reference we have provided the contact details for the major Parliamentarians involved:

Liberal Party

Mr (Brad) Bradley Ronald HAZZARD, MP Shadow Minister for Energy and Utilities, Shadow Minister for Science and Medical Research, Shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

Phone (02) 9981 1111    Fax (02) 9981 5059   - Main interest Aboriginal Issues and co-ordinates Bill in Lower House

Ms Peta Luise SEATON, MP Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Shadow Minister for the Illawarra, Shadow Minister for Reform of Government.

Phone (02) 4861 3623    Fax (02) 4861 3546  - Main Interest Planning Issues

The Hon. (Don) Donald Thomas HARWIN, MLC Opposition Whip.

Phone 9230 3519    Fax 9230 3518

Mr Donald Loftus PAGE, MP Deputy Leader of The Nationals, Shadow Minister for Roads, Shadow Minister for Housing.

Phone (02) 6686 7522    Fax (02) 6686 7470

Cross Benchers

Australian Democrats

Chesterfield-Evans, Arthur    Phone 9230 2303    Fax 9230 2866

Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

Moyes, Gordon    Phone 9230 2132    Fax 9230 2098     

Nile, Fred    Phone 9230 2132    Fax 9230 2098


Breen, Peter    Phone 9230 2883    Fax 9230 3568

One Nation

Oldfield, David    Phone 9230 2083    Fax 9230 3505

Outdoor Recreation Party

Jenkins, Jon    Phone 92302752    Fax 92302205    

Shooters Party

Tingle, John    Phone 9230 3059    Fax 9230 2613

The Greens

Cohen, Ian    Phone 9230 2603    Fax 9230 2267

Hale, Sylvia    Phone 9230 3030    Fax 9230 2159

Rhiannon, Lee    Phone 9230 3551    Fax 9230 3550         


The Hon. Frank Ernest SARTOR, MP Minister for Energy and Utilities, Minister for Science and Medical Research, Minister Assisting the Minister for Health (Cancer), and Minister Assisting the Premier on the Arts.

Electorate Office:    Phone (02) 9597 1414    Fax (02) 9567 0508

Ministerial Office    Phone (02) 9228 4700    Fax (02) 9228 4711

The Hon. (Bob) Robert John CARR, Premier, Minister for the Arts, and Minister for Citizenship.

Electorate Office:     Phone (02) 9349 6440    Fax (02) 9349 4594

Ministerial Office:    Phone (02) 9228 5239    Fax (02) 9228 3935

Local Members

Ms Clover MOORE, MP Independent Member for Bligh.

Phone (02) 9360 3053    Fax (02) 9331 6963

Ms Kristina Kerscher KENEALLY, MP Member for Heffron.(ALP)

Phone (02) 9314 2339    Fax (02) 9349 5601

Where is the Boundary of the Redfern Waterloo Authority?

The map of the Redfern Waterloo Authority Area which was released by Premier Carr and carried in the media and on the RWPP website is not the same as that which is proposed in the Bill. The operational area of the Authority does not include the section of Alexandria shown on the earlier map and strictly follows the boundary of Redfern, Waterloo, Eveleigh and Darlington. The only part of Alexandria included will be the Alexandria school campus. A new map should appear on the RWPP site soon.

Sydney Morning Herald Articles

Attached also please find the text of the SMH articles about the Redfern Waterloo Plans from Tuesday and Wednesday so you can easily search them. On the lighter side you may like to look at the Moir carton in today’s SMH of Frank as the “Not the Minister for Planning” the link is

Media Statements

Minister Sartor issued a press release on 29 November on “State Government working with the community to deliver Redfern-Waterloo Plan” We have attached a pdf copy of this press statement.

Shelter also issued a media release on 29th November responding to the Herald articles. The link to their media statement is more…

wRedwRrag Resurrected

Bev Baker has advised that wRedwRag is being reactivated. Bev has sent us two new articles which have been posted on their website at . To save space in your in box I am enclosing the links to the articles rather than copies of the documents. The articles are on the The Block  and the RWA