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10 December 2004

Redfern Waterloo Authority Bill 2004 Amendments Accepted in Lower House / Human Services Review Report Backs 15th – 17th December / CUB Workshop Wednesday 15th December / Redfern Oval

Redfern Waterloo Authority Bill 2004 Amendments Accepted in Lower House

The Bill made it back through the Lower House yesterday afternoon. We have attached extracts from both the Legislative Council and the Legislative Assembly hansard of the debates. The full list of the final amendments accepted can be found at the start of the Legislative Assembly extract.

Yesterday Don Harwin gave Geoff a serve from the floor of the Legislative Council for not giving the Liberals (enough) credit for the call for papers. We had acknowledged the Liberals support for the Greens motion on papers in our email so on re-reading we are not sure what Don was so upset about. Since then we have received Brad Hazzard’s press release on this matter we are also attaching it so everyone is aware of the importance of the Liberals move on this important matter.

It would be tempting to think that is it for the year but before Christmas there is still to be report backs from Morgan Disney on the Human Services Review and the release on Friday 17th of the Final Report of the Upper House Inquiry into redfern Waterloo.

Human Services Review Report Backs 15th – 17th December

For those that have not had time to look at the Second part of the Governments Grand Plan which involves the reorganization of Human Services for Redfern Waterloo you can obtain a copy of the report, in printed form or on CD from the RWPP Phone 02 9698 0911 Fax 02 8243 9466 . It can also be downloaded from Human Services Report for Redfern-Waterloo (1.2meg). The RWPP have not yet reposted the Fact Sheet on the Human Services Review that was on their website last weekend.

Morgan Disney who conducted the Review will hold Meetings between 15th and 17th December for the Partnership to report back on the Review of the Human Services System in Redfern-Waterloo. The Details of the Meetings are:

Community Meetings will be held Wednesday 15 December 5.30pm – 8.00pm and Thursday 16 December 2.00pm – 4.00pm - Redfern Town Hall

Meetings for Management Committees / Governance will be held 16 December 9.30am – 12.30pm or 5.00pm-8.00pmRedfern Town Hall

People working in human services will be invited to as session on Friday 17 December 9.30 to 1 at the Redfern Community Centre

The Plan is to substantially change how services are organized and delivered in Redfern Waterloo so it is very important that people get an understanding of what the Human Services Review found and how it will be driven by the RWPP along side the new RWA.

Those who were involved in the human services review will realise that there is a lot more material which has not been made public about the human services sector. The final report does not even list all the services and agencies operating in the area and is very general in nature. Hopefully some more information may be available for the report backs.

CUB Workshop Wednesday 15th December

Just a reminder Council is running a workshop for local residents and interested parties to discuss key guiding principles for the redevelopment if the Carlton United Breweries Site in Chippendale. The workshop will be from 6 to 9pm at Pine Street Creative Arts Centre 64 Pine Street, Chippendale on December 15th. If you would like to attend you are asked to register with or by calling 9246 7762.

Redfern Oval

A reminder too that today is the last day for submissions on the City of Sydney Redfern Oval consultation if you have something to say and have not yet said it.