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28 January 2005

Contents / REDWatch calls for Minister Sartor to release “Working Papers” / Papers Delivered to Legislative Council will be available on CD / Reclaim the Streets Comes to Abercrombie Street / Indigenous Social Justice Association Events in February / Human Services Integration Working Group (HSIWG)

REDWatch calls for Minister Sartor to release “Working Papers”

Minister Sartor has described the earlier Government Studies about Redfern Waterloo as now being “working papers” for the new RWA. Based on this REDWatch has written to the Minister requesting him to release all the earlier documents, so that the community can see what feasibility studies have already been undertaken by the Government. If the community is to make the “constructive input towards positive outcomes” that the Minister is seeking, the community must have such information to make informed constructive input. It is important that this information be released before some of it becomes subject to commercial negotiations between the RWA and potential developers. REDWatch has also suggested the Minister should hold a public meeting after the release of the documents to clarify any issues that might arise.

At REDWatch’s meeting last Sunday concern about the need for maximum transparency in the RWA’s activities was discussed and the meeting decided to push for similar processes for all RWA committees as would be expected within local government structures. As with local government council meetings and committees, RWA advisory committee meetings should normally be open to the public with publically available agendas and minutes. There is ongoing concern that there needs to be an overall community reference/development group that covers the whole spread of the RWA and the RWPP activities, as well as community representatives on various committees working on segments of the authority. REDWatch will ask the Minister to advise REDWatch of all committees and working groups that will be formed so that it can ensure that the community is being advised. The meeting also decided to seek to have a REDWatch appointed representative on all committees.

REDWatch wants the RWA to develop a community consultation model similar to that which was put forward, but not acted upon, by the RWPP. The model would include open public meetings and, at a minimum, follow the Government’s own published material on Community Engagement in the NSW Planning System. The RWA should also develop a community communication strategy

The REDWatch meeting also expressed major concerns about the timing, over the Christmas holiday break, of the RWPP’s call for expressions of interest for the Human Services Integration Working Group (HSIWG) and also for the short timeframe that the HSIWG has been given to come up with a proposal for a more integrated human services structure in four key areas. There was a strong view that the short timetable may limit the possibility of community supported outcomes being achieved.

A Press statement prepared after the REDWatch meeting is available in our downloads section - click here (word doc, ~35K)

Papers Delivered to Legislative Council will be available on CD

A collection of the main papers delivered by Government to the Legislative Council have now been photocopied and scanned. As many papers appear a number of times we have tried to avoid multiple copies unless there were some notations which may have been of interest. Copies of Hansard and the various prints of the bill have also been excluded as these are available in searchable form. The papers are currently available as both multi-page tif files (viewable in updated Windows XP Picture and Fax Viewer) or as pdf files. The documents have been broken up into groups of related pages where possible but as yet they have not been given file names that might indicate their contents. If you want to obtain a copy of these files to go through them yourself please email . Thanks to those who have been involved in going into Parliament to go through the documents. Thanks especially to Trish Collins for doing all the photocopying and to the Greens for all their assistance.

Reclaim the Streets Comes to Abercrombie Street Darlington 3-8pm Saturday 29th January

A Reclaim the Streets March will end around the park in Abercrombie Street Darlington on Saturday for a street party. Organisers say they are keen to ensure there is no repeat of the incidents which lead to a clash with police at their last march in Erskineville and that permissions have been obtained. The focus for the street party will be on the Redfern Waterloo Authority and planning for the major development of Redfern-Waterloo. Details of the March are available at For further information contact Karoline on 04 2236 8202.

Representatives from REDWatch will attend the street party to talk to people about REDWatch, the RWA and community involvement in the process.

Indigenous Social Justice Association Events in February

We have been requested by Ray Jackson to pass on information about events being planned in February around the first anniversary of the death of the young Aboriginal man from Kamilaroi. The focus of the events will be calling for a reopening of the inquest into the death. A public meeting will be held at Redfern Town Hall on February 8th at 7pm, a Rally and March on Sunday 13th February at 10.30am and handover of petitions on Tuesday 15th February at 10.30am. Full details are in the brochure - download by clicking here(PDF, ~160K).

Human Services Integration Working Group (HSIWG)

The membership of the HSIWG is still being finalised and the initial meeting set down for next Tuesday has been put back a week. Representatives from Aboriginal NGOs and from the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) community are still being finalised.