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26 May 2005

State Significant Sites Identified - Includes The Block and Lawson Street Health Centre /// RWA Gets Budget Funds /// Redfern Oval /// CFMEU Media Statement on Oval

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Initial RWA State Significant Sites Identified - Includes The Block and Lawson Street Health Centre

RWA Gets Budget Funds

Redfern Oval

CFMEU Media Statement on Oval


Initial State Significant Sites Identified - Includes The Block and Lawson Street Health Centre

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A map of Redfern Waterloo has been published in the Government Gazette which shows the initial areas declared as state significant within the RWA boundaries. The map includes private land as well as the publicly owned land which were to pass to the RWA under the provisions of the Redfern Waterloo Act. A copy of the map is attached.


One part of private land includes the north easterly end of Lawson Street apparently up to and including the proposed Lawson Street Health / Needle Centre and then North to Louis, West along Vine Street to Abercrombie Street then north to Cleveland Street and then properties on the western side of the railway line back to Lawson Street.


The second area of private land is effectively bordered by Lawson Square, Regent Street, Margaret Street and Gibbons Street and takes in the old TNT towers and the area expected to abut any development of Redfern Railway station.


Public Lands covered in the schedule include, Redfern Public School, Rachael Foster, the Old Redfern police Station and Court in addition to the ATP, Railway corridor and North Eveleigh. The gazetted area does not include the Public Housing estates within the RWA borders.


Planning control of the areas identified will presumably move from Craig Knowles to Minister Sartor as provided for in the RWA Act and Minister Sartor and his successors will become the consent authority for private developments on the identified lands. The gazettal will take planning control of the Pemulwuy project out of the hands of the City of Sydney and make Minister Sartor the consent authority over a project he has to date opposed. This move stands to further inflame the relationship between the Minister and the community over the future of the Pemulwuy project and The Block and may lead to some interesting debate at State Labor Conference on the June long weekend.


The identification of the RWA areas in this form follows the reforms to NSW Planning System announced on May 12th. A special Supplement of the Government Gazette (number 60) has been issued entitled the State Environment Planning Policy (State Significant Development) 2005 under the EPA Act 1979. This SEPP can be downloaded from Special Supplement No 60 of 25 May 2005.


To understand the full impact of the SEPP we also will need to know whether there will be changes to the state significant development provisions in the Environment Planning & Assessment Act and if so what they will be.


RWA Gets Budget Funds


We have been advised that the RWA was successful in achieving the new funding formula that it sought from Treasury. A copy of the media statement from the RWA can be seen on the REDWatch website at . The media release says Minister for Redfern-Waterloo Frank Sartor announced $7.18 million will be made available in 2005-06 to run the RWA. No comment was made in the Media Statement regarding the loan funds the minister was seeking according to earlier media reports.


Redfern Oval


A decision on Redfern Oval has been postponed by council for a month following the committee meeting on Monday. The delay is to consider a proposal from the Indigenous Land Corporation and for discussions with South Sydney Football club. The media statement regarding the postponement can be seen at the City of Sydney web site and the report from council with their recommendation can be seen at The CFMEU today announced a 'Red and Green Ban' on the oval site today and a copy of their media statement is at the foot of this email. Kristina Keneally also raised the matter in parliament 24/05/2005PRIV Redfern Oval Redevelopment . Local residents group Our Park who are pushing for Option One were out numbered at Mondays meeting, probably because the arguments they have been putting up have been accepted in large part by Council Officers in their recommendations. The scene is set for an interesting rematch if the residents who oppose the development of a major stadium come out for the next City of Sydney meeting about the Oval to support the initial Council recommendations.




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Media Release


Wednesday, 25 May 2005 EMBARGOED 10am Thursday, 26 May 2005


CFMEU places 'red and green' ban on Redfern Oval


An interim 'red and green' ban on Redfern Oval to be announced today will halt Lord Mayor Clover Moore's planned redevelopment of the Rabbitohs traditional home ground.


The Construction Forestry Mining Energy Union has implemented the ban in response to requests from workers, residents, the indigenous community and the Rabbitohs club and fans.


CFMEU NSW Secretary Andrew Ferguson said this ban is about protecting Redfern Oval's heritage, and making sure adequate active recreation facilities exist for inner city youth.


"The CFMEU has a simple message for Clover Moore, we have placed a 'red and green' ban on Redfern Oval, there will be no redevelopment, no demolition, no construction, not until the community are properly consulted" he said.


"Redfern Oval already sits next to a public park, but locals avoid it because it is unsafe. What the residents want is proper sporting facilities to provide a safe venue for active recreation by kids from local clubs and schools."


"Every alternative plan that has aimed to provide a first class venue for active sport and recreation, to include community facilities, and to bring the Rabbitohs home has been ignored, and the CFMEU will not allow the Lord Mayor to trample the interests of Redfern residents."


CFMEU Media Conference

Andrew Ferguson, with local sporting and community representatives

10am, Thursday 26 May 2005

Sydney Set Room, Level 1, South Sydney Leagues Club

265 Chalmers St, Redfern


Media contact: Tim Vollmer (CFMEU Media Officer) 0404 273 313

Andrew Ferguson (CFMEU NSW Sec.) 0412 511 994