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31 October 2005 A

Redfern School to be sold to Federal Government’s Indigenous Land Corporation for National Aboriginal Youth Development Centre
Yesterday a heads of agreement was signed for the sale of Redfern School to the Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC). We have received a copy of the Media Release which is up on the REDWatch site at . The ABC was the only media service to run the story yesterday and this can be viewed at .

Further information about the ILC can be found at . ILC Board member Norma Ingram is employed by the RWA.

The RWA have earlier tried to get the City of Sydney interested in selling Redfern Oval to the ILC.

According to media reports the Oval issue is also coming close to a decision see .

Given that there has been a considerable push for the Redfern School site not to be sold, in part as the Redfern Waterloo Plan looks to double the areas population and will probably require a new school, we are interested in people reaction to the sale to the ILC and to the new uses proposed for the site. It is also not clear from the announcement if any of the sale proceeds will go to fund the RWA or if further land sales will be necessary to provide the RWA with funds.

Comments can be made directly to the RWA by email on or on their website at or by phone (02) 9202 9100.

We would be interested in any information on what will happen to the other programs currently using the site and not dealt with in the media statement. We would also appreciate any comments from local Aboriginal agencies about the announcement.