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30 August 2006

The RWA have today released the Redfern Waterloo Built Environment Plan (Stage One).

RWA Releases Built Environment Plan (BEP) Stage One

The RWA have today released the Redfern Waterloo Built Environment Plan (Stage One).

The RWA home page now carries the announcement The RWA home page carries links to the various documents released.

The Media Statement and the supporting fact sheets can now be found on the RWA website at:

New Built Environment Pan for redfern-Waterloo (pdf~12kb)
Fact Sheet 1 Summary of Built Environment Plan (Stage One) (pdf~28kb)
Fact Sheet 2 $300 million in new Infrastructure (pdf~17kb)
Fact Sheet 3
Community Health Centre (pdf~13kb)
Fact Sheet 4 $16 million initiative on Aboriginal Affordable Housing (pdf~17kb)
Fact Sheet 5 Heritage Restoration and Adaptive Reuse (pdf~15kb)
Fact Sheet 6 Enhanced Open Space and Public Domain (pdf~15kb)
Fact Sheet 7 $6 million Bridge between Australian Technology Park and North Eveleigh (pdf~13kb)
Fact Sheet 8 Community Consultation on the Draft Built Environment Plan (pdf~12kb)

The Final BEP has been broken up by the RWA into its component parts which makes it a lot earlier to read than downloading the 13.3 MB full version. You can access the maps and individual sections at The RWA has also release a summary of the major changes between the draft and final BEP which can be downloaded from Report On Amendments And Submissions.

The RWA has also announced that Chair of the NSW Governments Aboriginal Housing office Ann Weldon & ALP National President Warren Mundine will be added to the RWA Board – for media statement see RWA Announces New Board Members on the REDWatch website which should be soon up on the RWA website.

It will take a little while to assess the proposed plan in detail.

Some elements are clearly to be welcomed such as the decision by the RWA to keep Marian Park and not to replace it with an 18 storey building.

The RWA continues to make life difficult for the AHC’s plan for the Pemulwuy project. The announcement today is that the land to be used for the Gadigal apartments as part of the wider Pemulwuy project will only be allowed a residential density of 0.75:1 rather than its existing 1:1 residential allowance. RWA Draft Plan proposed to limit housing to 0.5:1. The RWA still allows 1:1 residential density in surrounding areas including on its own land and it is likely that the battle between the AHC and the NSW government will not subside. A strong statement in response to the announced reduction was made by planning lawyer Mr John Mant earlier today on behalf of the AHC.

The RWA BEP also puts an end to the Lawson Street Health Centre with a new Health Centre proposed for the Old Court house and Police Station paid for in part by the sale of the former Rachel Foster Hospital site for a housing development.

A $6 million pedestrian and cycle bridge linking the ATP and North Eveleigh has also been announced.

$16 million over ten years has also been announced towards affordable housing for aboriginal residents.

The Final BEP includes further work on heritage sites and possible adaptive reuse, transport and Open Space which all will need to be assessed by the community as this information was not available for the consultation.

We thought it best to alert you to the release of the BEP so you can read material yourself rather than delay waiting for assessment of its contents to be completed. We are sure comments will be made about the contents in coming days. A Media release is currently being prepared by the AHC and this plus any further material as it comes to hand will be added to the REDWatch website at