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A New Planning System for NSW 2013

Following a Green Paper in 2012 the NSW Government released their White Paper "A New Planning System for NSW" in April 2013. Here we have collected information about the new planning system including details on the 2013 Draft Metro Strategy which will become the Regional Plan for Sydney and its subregions which will become the sub-regional plans
New Planning System for NSW White Paper - Until 30 June 2013
Here REDWatch has provided links to key documents necessary to understand the New Planning System for NSW White Paper and its implications for Redfern Waterloo.
Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney 2031 - Sydney Regional Growth Plan
Here we have collected material regarding the Metro Strategy for Sydney 2031 which creates the Strategic Planning framework for the Sydney area which feeds into the requirements for the Subregional Delivery Plans and the Local Plans.
Better Planning Network Comments on New Planning System
REDWatch joined the Better Planning Network (BPN) in 2012 in recognition that the changes proposed in the Planning Green Paper required a mechanism to co-ordinate responses from community groups accross the state. The BPN brings together a diverse range of over 350 groups accross the state is diverse. REDWatch sees it as important that mechainsm like the BPN undertake work on the New Planning System as this makes more sence than individual groups duplicating this work. REDWatch supports BPN activities in the City of Sydney LGA under the banner of the Innercity Planning Network. To join this email list email
Planning – a new approach?
Planning and Development Application (DA) processes in NSW are changing with major implications for the inner city. The SSH asked REDWatch spokesperson Geoff Turnbull to explain some of the issues in the June 2013 issue of the Souyth Sydney Herald.
Barry's Part 3A - The New Planning System for NSW?
This is the text of Geoff Turnbull's presentation to "A New Planning System For NSW: White Paper Panel Debate" organised by Sydney University Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning on 13 June 2013. Each panellist was asked to identify an opportunity and a challenge with the "New Planning System".
REDWatch on the New Planning System Challenges
In this panel presentation by REDWatch Spokesperson Geoff Turnbull on "Citizens and city making: Who should be involved and how?" to a forum held by the Henry Halloran Trust at Sydney University on 18 April 2013, Geoff outlines, a couple of days afterr the release of the White Paper some of the challenges for community groups like REDWatch in the proposed New Planning System for NSW.
Changes to Planning in NSW may not mean better outcomes for the community
This media release from the Alexandria Residents Action Group (ARAG) on 20 May reports on an information session held by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure at Australian Technology Park (Eveleigh) about the new planning framework on 15 May 2013.
REDWatch Submission on A New Planning System for NSW
This is the REDWatch submission to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure in June 2013 concerning the New Planning System for NSW White Paper and Draft Legislation.
File NIMBY Discussion Points
At its July 2013 meeting REDWatch held a roundtable discussion on the important and topical issue of NIMBYs. This is a PDF of the PowerPoint REDWatch used for that discussion. We have attributed where quotes come from you can follow up areas that may be of interest. File is 78KB PDF.