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Who Can we trust Now? - Poster from Sirius

The banner below has been produced by some of those in the Sirius Building. It came to REDWatch with the note that appears below the graphic.

I found these comments on a REDWatch site and believe that Sirius is a beacon for what can happen elsewhere in the inner-city housing towers. 

"Sirius building does not have high maintenance  costs and is ideally suited to older tenants. This housing's only problem was that it is public housing in one of the most desirable parts of the city. The logic of the Sirius sale pushes public housing from the desirable areas to the undesirable fringes of the city. With 4,500 public housing units in Redfern Waterloo the Sirius decision sends a shiver down the back of inner city public tenants. This is why REDWatch has set up this section of our website to explore these issues."

I don't know others who might be part of REDWatch but thought you are and so I'd share what we have as a banner for Sirius. Please feel free to benefit from our painful experience. The banner is as relevant for REDWatch as us, so please feel free to share online. 

Who Can We Trust Now