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Waterloo Green

Waterloo Green surrounds the main Waterloo high rise public housing. The land is owned by HNSW and residents have complained about anti-social activity exacerbated by lack of maintenance in the area for many years. In many respects the issues of Waterloo Green bring together many of the issues facing Redfern Waterloo which require co-ordinated action by various human services government departments and no-government agencies.
File Redfern LAC - Waterloo Green Safety Audit - 14 June 2007
This is the final copy of the Redfern Local Area Command Safety Audit on Waterloo Green. The report details a number of areas in need of maintenance by the Department of Housing that would substantially improve community safety around Waterloo Green. PDF 1.8MB
File Waterloo Green Action Plan
The Waterloo Green Action Plan arose in September 2007 from the Safety Audit of Waterloo Green. The RWA and the Human Services Plan ISOG members had made a commitment to implement the Action Plan which aims to improve the physical and social amenity on and around Waterloo Green. The The file 91Kb MsWord .
Waterloo Green - DoH Media release of 20 January 2008.
This is the link to the Media Statement of 20 January 2008 by Minister Matt brown concerning Waterloo Green.
Minister for Housing Letter on Waterloo Housing Issues
The following letter, dated 20 February 2008, was received by some public housing tenants from the minister for Housing NSW Matt brown addressing issues such as the RWA BEP 2 and the Human Services Accord.
Iemma Government Targets Illegal Graffiti in Waterloo
The lemma Government is launching an initiative to investigate ways to crack down on illegal graffiti, including photographing graffiti 'tags' before painting over them reports this media release from Minister for Housing Matt Brown on 12th march 2008.
File Waterloo Green Action Plan Draft Report Card June 2008
This is is a copy of the Draft report card presented on agency progress in the implementation of the Waterloo Green Action Plan in June 2008. File is MS Word 91Kb.
Housing NSW Waterloo Green Update – August 2009
The following Update on work on Waterloo Green has been distributed by Housing NSW in August 2009.
Sorry state of public housing – What’s going on?
It’s been one year since NSW Minister for Housing Matt Brown witnessed the state of public housing in the Redfern/Waterloo area, and nothing has changed reports Nicholas McCallum in the South Sydney Herald of August 2008.
Waterloo Green in the News
Information about Waterloo Green apears in many news items and other places accross the REDWatch website. Below are the results of a search of news items on the site which may help you to find more information about Waterloo Green. The most recently posted articles should be at the top.