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News articles concerning Redfern Waterloo from various sources. Click on the headlines below for more details.
Building on Common Ground
In October, NSW Premier Nathan Rees received widespread community support when he announced a plan to permanently help some of the 27,000 of his citizens who are homeless every night. On November 19, NSW Housing Minister David Borger informed the media that the DA would be placed that day with the City of Sydney reports the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
Have you heard? - The fast news with Trevor Davies - December 2009
Trevor Davies in Have You Heard – The fast News in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009 has reported on a couple of Redfern Waterloo items which we have extracted below:
What instrument does a skeleton play?
I must admit I didn’t know the answer to that significant question until told to us all by a confident young Darlington Public School student at the Halloween Fete recently. The answer is, of course, “A trombone!” Obvious, when you think of it. She gave us another one. “What does a bird say on Halloween?” The bird says, “Twig or tweet!” reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009
Flair, initiative and perseverance at the ATP
Last month the Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Kim Carr, was at the Australian Technology Park (ATP) in Eveleigh as part of the federal government’s Powering Ideas initiative. The senator from Victoria was there as part of the Rudd Government’s long-term strategy to boost the nation’s innovation capacity and performance. This was part of the $3.1 billion injection into research and innovation from this year’s budget reports Nicholas McCallum in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
New Bus Service to City and North Shore
South Sydney and Botany Bay residents now can use a new, high frequency bus service to the City and North Shore writes Kristina Keneally in her advertisement in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
Looking for clues at the Cauliflower
The Australian Crossword Club was established in 1990. Today, with a strong membership base across all states in Australia, the Club is a non-profit organisation that aims to provide enjoyment and stimulation to the devotees of the crossword puzzle reports the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
Darlington resists the Uni push
Like old Dan in Judith Wright’s ‘South of My Days’ John and Bev Hunter have 70 years of Darlington memories hived up in them like old honey. “It was a great place. We had the best of it,” Bev recalls. “It was a really safe area. You could leave your key in the door, or leave it open, or the key under the mat. You never got shut out” reports Neil Whitfield in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
ATP signs sponsorship deal with Souths
The Australian Technology Park (ATP) has entered into a two-year agreement to sponsor local community service provider Souths Cares, as well as take on the naming rights to the Australian Technology Park Performance Centre at Redfern Oval reports the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
National Centre part of Redfern renaissance, says CEO
As the opening of the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence gets closer, CEO Jason Glanville addresses the concerns of local residents reports Navot Rom in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
Supermarket and pokies “socially irresponsible”
The City of Sydney Council has approved a supermarket in the new Souths Leagues Club building, despite no guarantee the club will be pokie-free as once hoped reports Kelly Lane in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
Rolling up the shutters and getting down to business
Businesses in Redfern have been asked to roll up their infamous shutter doors – for good reports Philip Wen in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
New Centrelink officers to help the homeless
Minister for Housing Tanya Plibersek, and Minister for Human Resources Chris Bowen, have appointed 90 new Centrelink staff across Australia, who will work to achieve Kevin Rudd’s goal of halving homelessness in Australia by 2020 reports Robert Morrison in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
Thirty years and still transporting
The 30th anniversary lunch for South Sydney Community Transport (SSCT), held in the Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, was packed out with member clients alongside drivers, volunteers, officials and various community leaders. All around were people telling good stories of a service that is life changing for many. Manager Jane Rogers moved around making everyone feel welcome, and the President of the SSCT Committee, David Atkins, guided us through the event reports Dorothy McRae-McMahon in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
Funding for young mums, swim and dance lessons?
The Settlement Neighbourhood Centre in Redfern is set to expand its community programs after receiving a $100,000 donation from Queensland mining magnate, Peter Bond. The Linc Energy CEO made the donation after spending ten days in Redfern as part of Channel Nine’s reality TV series, The Secret Millionaire reports Flint Duxfield in the South Sydney Herald of December 2009.
Nine charged in Redfern drug raid
Eight people will face court in Sydney today, charged over a drug bust at The Block in Redfern reports ABC News on 10 December 2009.
NSW Premier Keneally in the hot seat
Kristina Keneally’s performance has yielded hits and misses in the past year, with critics and supporters made and lost in the local community reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central of 15 December 2009.
Member for Marrickville, Carmel Tebbutt today announced that more than $300,000 in funding would be shared by thirteen local community organisations [inclkuding the Settlement] reports this media release of 16 December from Member for Marrickville Carmel Tebbutt.
Redfern Fight Night
REDFERN police commander Luke Freudenstein has been gloving up and hit­ting the pads to break down boundaries between police and the Redfern Indigenous community reports Robert Burton-Bradley in the print edition of Central on 16 December 2009.
ATP Letter on C7 Residents Meeting - 23 Dec 09
The following letter was sent by the ATP to people who attended the meeting on 15 December 2009 about the 8 Central Avenue Eveleigh (the new C7 and Global Television building). As not all those who attended left contact addresses we are posting the letter so this information is diseminated to all who may be interested.
From the school of hard knocks to top of the class
WHILE the achievements of the top HSC students were celebrated this week, a small group of students gathered in the basement of a church in Surry Hills to celebrate a different kind of success reports Anna Patty the Sydney Morning Herald's Education Editor on 19 December 2009.
A network that delivers the goods
For those who can't get out to buy food, this service is priceless, writes Nick Galvin in the Sydney Morning Herald of 21 December 2009 about the Food Distribution Network.
Thousands turn up at Christmas lunches
For the past 11 years, the Moulds family have celebrated Christmas day with other people. This year, the other folk numbered more than 1200 guests at the annual Salvation Army lunch at the Eveleigh CarriageWorks in inner-Sydney's Redfern reports ninemsn on 25 December 2009.
Providing a better service to Indigenous Australians
Two new positions have been created to assist Indigenous Australians in accessing services in South and South-Eastern Sydney reports City News on 23 December 2009.
Need, not judgment, on our city's streets
The profile of Sydney's poor has changed over a century, but the Brown Nurses are still helping, writes Rick Feneley in the Sydney Morning Herald of 26 December 2009.
Rail passenger injuries soar
THE number of commuters injured on trains, stations and in railway car parks has risen by more than two-thirds, figures show reports Lisa Carty in the Sydney Morning Herald of 27 December 2009.
Needle Stick Issues in Caroline Street
Some residents in Caroline Lawson and surrounding area received a letter from a Caroline Street resident in early December who had received a needle stick injury from a needle over their back fence. The resident was concerned at the response from the needle Van and Council and wrote to surrounding residents. Below is an extract from their letter and a copy of a reply from council to the issues raised.
Needle Van moves from Block to Hudson Street
The Redfern Waterloo Authority have advised that as of 16 December 2009 that the needle and syringe van that was previously located on the Block has been relocated to Hudson Street.
Australian Technology Park light pollution irritates locals
Redfern’s Australian Technology Park welcomed more than 1200 new workers this week with the arrival of Channel Sevens’ publishing and production arms reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 1 January 2010.
Redfern station upgrade six years off: RailCorp
The long overdue upgrade of Redfern station will not be completed for another six years, according to RailCorp. A RailCorp spokesman has, for the first time, revealed significant details about the organisation’s plans for the station reports Robert Burton-Bradley in the Central of 13 January 2010.
Heritage taskforce for Eveligh rail yards Redfern
Premier and Minister for Redfern Waterloo, Kristina Keneally, has established a heritage taskforce to look at the Eveleigh rail yards and surrounding area reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 13 January 2010.
M5 Off-Road Outrages Residents
Residents say a proposed M5 arterial off-road to Campbell St, near Sydney Park in St Peters, would bring masses of traffic to the quiet neighbourhood reports Robert Burton-Bradley in the Central of 6 January 2010.
Eveleigh Markets Christmas Banner Competition Winners Announced
The award winning Eveleigh Markets was pleased to have NSW Premier, The Hon Kristina Keneally announce the winners of the Christmas Banner competition at the Eveleigh Markets on Saturday 19 December, 2009 reports this Eveleigh Markets \ ATP media release on 11 January 2010.
TV chef nabbed for drink driving
CELEBRITY TV chef, Jared Ingersoll, has narrowly escaped losing his driver's licence after he found himself in hot water with a drink-driving charge before Christmas writes Larissa Cummings in The Daily Telegraph 13 January 2010.
Redfern waits for Prince William's tour
Britain's Prince William has "his mother's heart" and his visit this week to Sydney's most infamous Aboriginal neighbourhood could open up new ties with indigenous people, community leaders said reports Madeleine Coorey of AFP in the Sydney Morning Herald of 17 January 2010.
Artist brushes off Keneally
SEAN NICHOLLS AND LEESHA MCKENNY in the Sydney Morning Herald’s Diary of 19 & 21 January 2010 reported on Gordon Syron’s latest exhibition and his painting depicting Kristina Keneally.
Prince William greets admirers in Sydney
Whether meeting dignitaries, greeting admirers and celebrities or just chatting happily with children, Prince William is definitely his mother's son. After flying in around noon (AEDT) on Tuesday for his first visit to Australia since he was a toddler, the prince spent the early afternoon visiting Admiralty House, the Sydney home of Governor-General Quentin Bryce reports AAP in the Sydney Morning Herald of 18 January 2010.
Two Catholic worlds collide as church disagreement deepens
The fight, ostensibly, is over a baptismal font and some words in chalk on a wall, but the latest in a series of rows at St Vincent's Catholic Church in Redfern shows the conflict runs much deeper reports Jacqueline Maley in the Sydney Morning Herald of 19 January 2010.
Redfern parish disagreement reflects church divide
A church in Sydney's Redfern neighbourhood has become the battleground for a clash of traditions, following a row over a baptismal font and removal of chalk writings referring to an "Aboriginal Christ" reports Catholic News on 19 January 2010.
Redfern residents thrilled by Prince's visit
Prince William won over Aboriginal elders and children during a visit to the inner Sydney suburb of Redfern on Tuesday afternoon reported Dina Rosendorff on ABC on 19 January 2010.
Indigenous crime action a failure, says justice leader
REFORMS introduced after the royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody have not worked, the outgoing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner, Tom Calma, has said reports Malcolm Brown in the Sydney Morning Herald of 23 January 2010.
Labyrinth threatens to eat city
SYDNEY'S suburbs - from the Sutherland Shire to the densely packed inner west to the north shore - would be carved up by a labyrinth of motorways that do little to reduce traffic congestion, under two plans being considered by the State Government writes Andrew West in the Sydney Morning Herald of 16 January 2010.
Parents worry children's future sold up the river
Opposed to the M5 East extension ... Colin Lee, 78, remembers a time when you could swim in the Cooks River. A LIFE-LONG Tempe resident, Colin Lee, remembers when you could sink an onion bag into the Cooks River to catch prawns or dive off the banks into the water reports Ben Rushton in the Sydney Morning Herald of 16 January 2010.
Indigenous artist calls for whole truth in Australian history on Eve of Australia Day
The following media release was issued by Andrew Woodhouse, president, Australian Heritage Institute, an Australia-wide network of local heritage societies and Mr Gordon Syron, distinguished Indigenous Artist for an art exhibition by Gordon Syron at Chapel by the Sea, Bondi Beach until 4 February 2010. The exhibition features Gordon’s painting – “We jail 'em in NSW - KKK a portrait”
Funding cuts hit Aboriginal literacy
THE nation's oldest Aboriginal education institution cancelled its literacy, numeracy and business courses this week, turning away enrolled students because of federal funding cuts reports Debra Jopson in the Sydney Morning Herald of 22 January 2010.
Friends in High Places
One man polishing his Australia Day gong this morning is Roy Wakelin-King. You may remember him from such government appointments as chief executive officer of the World Youth Day Co-ordination Authority reports The Diary in the Sydney Morning Herald of 26 January 2010.
Opinion - A day to reflect on our racial tolerance
Whether republican or monarchist, most of us took some delight in seeing the Aboriginal kids of Redfern interacting so happily with Prince William a week before Australia Day said Frank Brennan's Australia Day call for more tolerence reported on CathNews on 25 January 3010.
Pemulwuy on the Block - ABC Encounter
Once notorious for drink, drugs and violence, Australia's largest urban Aboriginal community in the Sydney suburb of Redfern is today on the cusp of a momentous transformation. The story of how it got there involves a Catholic priest and a family of boxers who won't take no for an answer. It's a story which gives all of us hope for the future. This program was first broadcast on 13th September, 2009 on ABC Encounter.
Pemulwuy on the Block - ABC Encounter
Once notorious for drink, drugs and violence, Australia's largest urban Aboriginal community in the Sydney suburb of Redfern is today on the cusp of a momentous transformation. The story of how it got there involves a Catholic priest and a family of boxers who won't take no for an answer. It's a story which gives all of us hope for the future. This program was first broadcast on 13th September, 2009 on ABC Encounter.
Two-day Hip Hop Festival in Sydney from March 19
A TWO-day Hip Hop Festival will be held at CarriageWorks in Eveleigh on March 19 and 20 this year. Prior to this there will be three Saturdays of free hip hop dance classes on February 27, March 6 and 13, a graffiti and a street art tour of Sydney's inner west with legendary graffiti artist, Mistery on March 13 reports Nick Soon in the Blacktown Sun of 26 January 2010.
Top Chef Kylie Kwong Cooks Up Chinese New Year Cuisine at Eveleigh Market
Renowned Australian Chinese Chef Kylie Kwong will demonstrate some of her culinary delights to the public on Saturday 20th February at the Eveleigh Farmers’ Market, where she will cook up several dishes to celebrate Chinese New Year reports this media statement from Eveleigh Markets on 3 February 2010.
Construction on CUB Central Park’s main park and infrastructure set to commence immediately
The New South Wales Department of Planning has given approval to Frasers Property Australia to commence building the main park and related infrastructure such as roads, footpaths and traffic lights reports this media release from Frasers Property.
Tap-dancing penguins return in Happy Feet 2
Hot and steamy conditions would frighten off most penguins, but not the batch tap-dancing and thumping around energetically in Sydney weather yesterday to give a taste of the sequel to one of Australia's most successful films reports the Sydney Morning Herald of 5 February 2010.
Old brewery site to become Sydney park
Where they rolled out the barrel for more than 150 years, they'll soon be rolling, cutting and watering lawn. The lawn will sit amid acres of tranquil parkland on the edge of Sydney's CBD - the former site of Carlton and United's Broadway brewery reports AAP in the Sydney Morning Herald of 8 February 2010.
The touching gesture he'll always remember
IT WAS the moment a cinematic gladiator reduced a footballing warrior to tears. Before his first match for the Rabbitohs - a trial game against Manly before a few hundred diehard fans - Russell Crowe escorted Sam Burgess to the southern end of Redfern Oval writes Glenn Jackson in the Sydney Morning Herald of 8 February 2010.
Chamber Business Consultation - 25 March 2010
In a media release on 26 February the RWCC called on Local Business operators to stake a claim in the area's evolution and potential. Local business operators should not miss this opportunity to make their thoughts known, and take hold of the future potential of Redfern Waterloo the statement said.
Developers may get site uni seeks to house students
The housing needs of thousands of Sydney University students have been left hanging by the state government, which has failed to make a decision about a urban renewal site capable of providing mass accommodation reports Josephine Tovey in the Sydney Morning Herald of 5 March 2010.
Elaine Pelot-Syron : Thinking Outside The Square: A Retrospective (1972-2010)
"I have been documenting people, places and events for over three decades. As an American emigrant from Bradenton, a small country town in Florida, I came to cosmopolitan Sydney in 1971, with fresh eyes" writes Elaine Pelot-Syron in this media release and invitation to her Thinking Outside The Square: A Retrospective (1972-2010) on 9 March 2010.
All Options to be Explored for M5 Link Road
The NSW Minister for Transport and Roads David Campbell confirmed that residents will have more time to have their say on the M5 expansion, with community consultation extended to 12 March 2010 reports this media release of 1 February 2010.
Heritage at risk - Sylvia Hale
The preservation and enhancement of our heritage is a central component of the Greens’ philosophy because the protection of our natural, cultural and built environments is a central tenet of ecological sustainability, a principle that underlines our approach to all policy writes Sylvia Hale in the National Trust (NSW) Magazine and reproduced on the Communist Party of Australia Website.
Watpac completes $140m project in Sydney
Macklin heckled on apology anniversary
Indigenous Affairs Minister Jenny Macklin has defended the federal government's intervention policy after being heckled during a speech to mark the second anniversary of the apology to indigenous Australians reports Britt Smith on 12 February 2010 for AAP in the Sydney Morning Herald.
‘Stop the intervention’ protests
Rallies against the Northern Territory intervention into Aboriginal communities took place across Australia on February 13. In Sydney, 350 people rallied at the Redfern Community Centre where they were met by 80 Aboriginal activists and supporters who walked 17km from La Perouse. Speakers included Irene Fisher, an Aboriginal health worker with the NT’s Sunshine Health Service, and Greens MLC Lee Rhiannon reports Green Left on 13 February 2010.
Redfern shows plunge in crime
On the sixth anniversary of the Redfern riots, the NSW government says the inner Sydney suburb is on the up and up reports AAP on 15 February 2010 in the Sydney Morning Herald.
Crime drop in Redfern 'random'
A recent drop in crime committed by Aboriginal youth in Redfern is probably "nothing more than a random variation" and not a sign of the success of government policy, a criminologist said yesterday reports Geesche Jacobsen Crime Editor of the Sydney Morning Herald on 16 February 2010.
Tear Down The Barbed Wire Of Discrimination
In all of Australia's modern history, the crime of silence accompanies the death, destruction and denial that obliterates the rights of indigenous people writes Jeff McMullen in the Age of 15 February 2010.
Sell-off in the city sees Seven join the rush
SYDNEY residential and mixed-use developments worth more than $1 billion are being put up for sale, including the Seven Network's Epping site and John Beville's $800 million revamped Top Ryde City complex, which is expected to carry a price tag of about $250m writes Bridget Carter in the Australian of 18 February 2010.
All roads lead to the city
Kristina Keneally has taken the axe to the transport blueprint of her predecessor, cancelling the proposed metro network to spend the money on expanding the heavy rail system reports Andrew West in the Sydney Morning Herald of 22 February 2010.
Free one month art mecca in Sydney from March 25
A MONTH-long free art mecca celebrating original works from Sydney's city fringe will be held from March 25 reports Nick Soon in the Blacktown Sun of 22 February 2010.
A lurch in the right direction for rattled commuters
Familiar words ... former premiers Nathan Rees, Morris Iemma and Bob Carr all promised improvements in the transport system. Finally, the government can enjoy some applause - albeit half-hearted - from the critics in the cheap seats writes Andrew West in the Sydney Morning Herald of 22 February 2010.
Rail work to start in our first term, O'Farrell says
UNDER a Coalition government work on both the north-west and south-west rail projects will be ''well advanced'' by the time of the 2015 State elections reports Brian Robins and Louise Hall in the Sydney Morning Herald of 23 February 2010.
Waterloo Green Neighbourhood Project - politics muddy the distribution of public housing funds
Following the February 19 announcement by Housing NSW (HNSW) of the Waterloo Green Neighbourhood Project, which will see substantial security and maintenance upgrades to the six public housing buildings that make up the Waterloo Green Estate, City of Sydney Greens Councillor Irene Doutney is calling for similar upgrades to other public housing estates reports Southern Courier on 24 February 2010.
Homelessness getting worse: Council
More than a year on from the federal government's pledge to halve the number of homeless people nationwide by 2020, Australia's largest city has recorded a 22 per cent increase in those sleeping rough reports Belinda Cranston of AAP in the Sydney Morning Herald of 25 February 2010.
Save Ballymore - knock down its stands
Could the best way to save Ballymore be to knock down the stands? [Is what happened in Redfern a model] Phil Lutton explores the question in the Brisbane Times of 25 February 2010.
New centre fosters Indigenous talent
A new National Centre of Indigenous Excellence, aimed at helping Indigenous children achieve their goals, has opened at Redfern in Sydney reports Bridget Brennan for ABC news on 26 February 2010.
PM heckled at Indigenous Centre opening
Maybe it should be renamed the National Centre of Indigenous Heckling. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd became the second high profile politician in a fortnight to be heckled at Sydney's National Centre of Indigenous Excellence - by members of the indigenous community angry at the federal government reports AAP in the Sydney Morning Herald on 26 January 2010.
Kevin Rudd’s Opening Speech NCIE Redfern
This is the text of the Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd’s Speech at the Launch of the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence Redfern, Sydney 26 February 2010 - This has not been checked against Delivery.
Prime Minister to visit Exodus Foundation literacy school
On Friday, 26 February Prime Minster Kevin Rudd will visit The Exodus Foundation's literacy Tutorial Centre in Redfern reports Christianity Today on 26 February 2010.
Crowe's walls of fame tap a rich history to help players revive glory years
Archive discoveries inspire renewed passion to do justice to Souths' heritage, writes Josh Rakic in the Sydney Morning Herald of 28 February 2010.
SBS News – The Block
SBS News anounced that the Federal and State Governments had commit $200m for Aboriginal Housing Throughout the State the SBS report then went on to look at what was planned for the Block in Redfern in February 2010.
Redfern’s radical priest
Ted Kennedy, Priest of Redfern By Edmund Campion, David Lovell Publishing, 2009 201 pages, $24.95 - This fine book is valuable on two accounts. Firstly, in telling the life of the radical priest Ted Kennedy who was, using Dostoevsky’s words, “a wholly good man”, and secondly as an introduction to the alternative church within official Roman Catholicism says this review by Gary McLennon in Green Left on 27 February 2010..
Award to celebrate women of NSW
Millie Ingram, an elder from Wiradjuri country who has spent the past 50 years in the Redfern-Waterloo area was one of 10 finalists in the NSW Woman of the Year award reported Jennie Curtin in the SMH of 1 March 2010.
Housing NSW fails a dying Redfern woman
Housing NSW has defended accusations it neglected urgent repairs to the home of a woman dying of cancer reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central of 3 March 2010.
SBS unveils Blackfella Films' projects
SBS TV has unveiled more details about its output deal with Blackfella Films, which will underpin a string of key projects for the broadcaster over the next three years reports Brendan Swift in Inside Film on 5 March 2010.
The Bunnies in the money: Souths posted a profit in '09
AFTER losing $7 million in the previous two years, South Sydney chairman Nicholas Pappas yesterday announced the Rabbitohs had turned a profit for the first time in recent memory last season - making them the only Sydney club to do so in 2009 reports Brad Walter in the Sydney Morning Herald of 8 March 2010.
Freak the technique: Hip Hop hits CarriageWorks Redfern
Some of the most spectacular dancing you’ll ever see will happen at CarriageWorks in the Freak The Technique showcase of Platform 3 Hip Hop festival on March 20 reports Kim Shaw in the Central Magazine of 9 March 2010.
Win for Waterloo public housing estate
Housing NSW has announced a $12 million program across three years to install CCTV surveillance, concierges and maintenance teams to improve security at the Waterloo Green housing estate - home to 1500 residents reports Robert Burton-Bradley in Central on 10 March 2010.
$2-billion property portfolio to community housing
New legislation will revolutionise the future of public housing in this NSW, according to Housing Minister Mr David Borger reports Southern Courier on 1o March 2010.
Is there another Joe Cahill out there who can rescue NSW?
One of the most under-recognised names in the history of NSW is John Joseph Cahill, better known as Joe, or even ``Old Smoothie''. Joe Cahill represented the Cook's River area of Sydney in the NSW parliament between 1925 and 1959. [He was also a fitter at the Eveleigh railyards] writes Phillip O’Neil in the Macarthur Advertiser of 10 March 2010.
From far and near they take hip-hop to heart
They come straight from school, dragging parents and grandparents behind them, cartwheeling and spinning on the newly sprung dance floor of the Redfern Community Centre reports Linda Morriss in the Sydney Morning Herald of 12 March 2010.
Former CUB Site To Create 1200 Jobs, $6m
Construction is to begin shortly on the redevelopment of the former Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) site at Broadway, in Sydney following the approval of the site’s $6 million main public park and associated infrastructure reports Annette Shailer in The Shout on 10 February 2010.
Sydney Lord Mayor welcomes light rail
Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore MP has voiced her approval for the planned extension of the light rail service in inner Sydney after Premier Kristina Keneally announced the commitment in last weekend’s transport blueprint for Sydney writes Kevin Cheng in Central on 23 February 2010.
Residents rally to terminate M5 plan
THE State Government put the M5 extension on the backburner when Premier Kristina Keneally announced her Metropolitan Transport Plan, but Tempe residents still have a fight on their hands to prevent the proposal going ahead reports Kate Carr in the Inner West Courier on 24 February 2010.
Sydney gets its own Central Park
It already has a Hyde Park, to match its namesake in London. Now, Sydney is seemingly turning to New York for inspiration, with the new public space approved this week for part of the former Carlton and United Breweries site on Broadway provisionally given the name ‘Central Park’ reports Shant Fabricatorian in City News on 11 February 2010.
Focusing on Excellence
For far too long the nation’s focus has been on Aboriginal disadvantage rather than their positive contributions to Australian society writes Ehssan Veiszadeh in City News on 11 February 2010.
EXHIBITION: JOSEPH KOSUTH - Anna Schwartz Gallery Eveleigh
Conceptual art couldn’t get more conceptual than that issued by American Joseph Kosuth, whose most famous work One and Three Chairs (1965) is a visual representation of Plato’s Theory of Forms housed at MoMa in New York. In it, a chair literally sits, is represented sitting in a photograph and is delineated by dictionary definition. Which is its truest form? This is art that questions art itself – which Kosuth further elaborated on in his Art After Philosophy (1969), asserting that it is necessary to separate aesthetics from art, to divorce it from decoration and return it its philosophical roots. All very heady. His latest exhibition at the appropriately austere Anna Schwartz Gallery is entitled ‘An Interpretation of This Title’: Nietzsche, Darwin and the Paradox of Content – showing his concerns have not shifted. In a large room painted grey are the lit-up sketches of a mad mathematician; rigid lines, species trees, map-like configurations, errant phrases. Kosuth himself describes the piece thus: “The device of the work is Friedrich Nietzsche’s relationship with the implications of Charles Darwin’s theories about human evolution.” A self-reflexive discourse with very little post-modern humour to lighten the load, but plenty of conceptual meat to evolve the brain.
Community Consultation Parking Study in Local Area Adjacent Australian Technology Park
Following a community meeting in December last year where parking issues were raised, the Australian Technology Park Precinct Management Limited (ATPPML) has appointed Transport and Urban Planning to undertake a parking study in the local streets adjacent the ATP site reports Newsletter 1 from Transport and Urban Planning on 19 March 2010.
Millie fights for women’s rights
Heffron Woman of the Year Millie Ingram claims she will keep fighting until women’s issues are properly addressed reports Leesa Smith in Southern Courier of 16 March 2010.
Australian governments failing
Governments are failing the estimated 50% of early school leavers who can’t find a job, and forcing charities to pick up the slack according to Rev. Bill Crews, Executive Chairman of The Exodus Foundation reports Christian Today on 17 March 2010.
Government backtracks on gender ruling
THE case of the state's first genderless citizen has forced the equivalent of a bureaucratic sex change on the government reports Joel Gibson in the Sydney Morning Herald of 19 March 2010. [Norrie lives in Redfern].
Aboriginal activist Charles 'Chicka' Dixon to receive state funeral
CHARLES ''CHICKA'' DIXON, one of the most prominent Aboriginal activists of the 1960s and 1970s, has died after a long battle with asbestosis, aged 81 reports Joel Gibson in the Sydney Morning Herald of 23 March 2010.
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