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GREENS – Ben Spies-Butcher

Information about Ben Spies-Butcher and any comments or policy statements relating to Redfern Waterloo during the 2007 state election campaign issues can be found here.
GREENS - Heffron – Background – Ben Spies Butcher
GREENS – Heffron – Response to REDWatch questionnaire
By Ben Spies-Butcher Greens Candidate for Heffron
Greens - Heffron - Greens Back Aboriginal Housing on the Block
Greens candidate for Marrickville, Fiona Byrne, and Greens candidate for Heffron, Ben Spies-Butcher, this week met with the Aboriginal Housing Company to discuss the AHC’s plans, and to offer their support for Aboriginal housing on the Block reports this Greens Media Release on 4th December 2006.
GREENS - Heffron - Greens announce candidate for Heffron - 24 October 2006
“We are pleased to announce that Dr Ben Spies-Butcher was unanimously endorsed last night as the Greens candidate in the seat of Heffron for the 2007 State Election” said South Sydney Greens convenor Jenny Leong in a Media release.
GREENS - Heffron - “Law and order” auction fails NSW Indigenous communities - 25th January 2007
The Greens NSW will today (25th January 2007) launch their approach to reducing Indigenous incarceration rates, increasing community safety and ensuring community development.
GREENS - Heffron - The future of the Eveleigh railyards must be for the community, not big business.
Greens MP Lee Rhiannon and Greens candidate for Heffron, Ben Spies-Butcher, attended the Open Day at the Carriageworks art space today to highlight local concerns about the development of the Eveleigh Railyards in this Media Release dated 20th january 2007.
GREENS - Heffron - Government Should Come Clean on Redfern Public Housing
The Greens NSW will tomorrow launch a petition calling on the Redfern Waterloo Authority (RWA) and Minister Frank Sartor to make public its plans for public housing in Redfern-Waterloo reports this Media Release of 8th February from the Greens.
GREENS - Heffron - Is Labor Selling Public Land to Fund Political Advertising
Ben Spies-Butcher, Greens candidate for Heffron, today questioned the timing of the Redfern Waterloo Authority’s (RWA) latest update, which was delivered to the mailboxes of local residents this week says this media release dated 22 February 2007 from the Greens.
GREENS - Heffron - Ben Spies-Butcher RW Forum Speech
This is the text of the speech prepared by Ben Spies-Butcher for the REDWatch Heffron Candidate's Forum on 14th March 2007. Please note that the written speech may not fully correspond with what was finally said in the candidate's address.