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Areas to change in the RWA Bill

Media Release of 29 November 2004 following REDWatch Meeting which decided on the areas of the RWA Bill that REDWatch would lobby to change

REDWatch Media Statement

Geoff Turnbull, spokesperson for Redfern residents group REDWatch, expressed concern today over revelations in the Herald regarding the State Government’s plans to redevelop Redfern-Waterloo.

“We have been frantically meeting over the last couple of weeks trying to digest the Redfern Waterloo Authority bill currently before parliament. As residents we do not have the resources to respond quickly to the Government’s agenda.” Mr Turnbull said.

“Our group has already identified a range of concerns in the Bill, including a complete lack of provision for community consultation, extremely broad powers vested in the Minister and a lack of detail over the Plan itself.

“We are seeking meetings with the Government and the Opposition to allow time for residents to comment upon the bill, and to seek some amendment to the Bill to address our concerns.”

A meeting of REDWatch held over the weekend has identified a range of concerns that the group will seek to raise with parliamentarians in coming days.

  1. The Bill must spell out the Authorities objectives.
  2. The Bill must establish a Community Consultative Committee advising Minister and Board, with fixed terms of appointment, to ensure community involvement in developing and implementing any plan for the area – in addition to advisory committees on specialised matters.
  3. There must be a legislated process for consultation, including public display of the Plan and provision for public submissions, on the initial Redfern Waterloo Plan and for any [material] amendment to the Plan.
  4. (a) A strategic vision for the whole area must be publicly available at the same time or prior to any individual element being made available and being executed – at latest within 12 months from when the legislation is enacted.

(b) The Authority must report annually against a full set of performance criteria to be established through the plan

  1. The legislation must include detail of any planning instrument to be used by the Authority, and any new instrument must allow for public consultation.
  2. There must be strict limits placed on the Minister’s authority to enlarge the boundaries of the Authority.
  3. Any exemption from the Heritage Act needs to be specific and justified.
  4. The Plan must be subject to a comprehensive social evaluation and audit.

Further Information Contact:

Geoff Turnbull 02 9318 0824                    Email: turnbullfamily@stassen.com.au
C/- PO Box 1567
Strawberry Hills NSW 2012
Ph Wk: 9318 0824