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REDWatch 2008 Statements

This is a record of statements made by REDWatch on Redfern Waterloo Issues in 2008. Other statements made by REDWatch may also appear in the Media Articles and in submissions made to Government or the Redfern Waterloo Authority.
REDWatch Submission - NSW Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage Inquiry
This is the text of the REDWatch Submission to the NSW Legislative Council’s Standing Committee on Social Issues Inquiry into Closing the Gap – Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage made on 31st January 2008. This submission requests the Inquiry under its terms of reference to Inquire into the implementation of its earlier recommendations from its 2004 Inquiry into Redfern and Waterloo which the NSW Government said had been taken into account in their decisions to establish the Redfern Waterloo Authority and other decisions.
REDWatch Submission on Sydney City Draft Subregional Strategy Sept 2008
Thgis is the link to the text of the REDWatch submission on the Draft Sydney City Draft Subregional Strategy which was on exhibition until 5th September 2008.
Time to Rethink Redfern Waterloo Authority: REDWatch
Resident action group REDWatch says it is time to rethink the Redfern Waterloo Authority model and what will come next in this media release of 2nd October 2008.