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22 November 2004

Clover Moore has asked us to pass on the following email which she is trying to get out to as many residents as possible about her concerns on the Redfern Waterloo Authority Bill.

There are major problems with the Bill and there is a real need to try and get a number of problems addressed in the Upper house. REDWatch has some additional concerns to those raised in Clover’s amendments and these have been covered in the Briefing Notes and their Comments on the RWA and the RWP which have been already circulated. We have also circulated comments from Charlie Richardson at the ISRCSD.

Thank you to those who have already contacted Parliamentarians. Over the next two weeks we need to get the Opposition and the Cross Benches to understand the issues and resolve to address them. To do this we need you to tell them of your concerns.

-----Original Message-----
Clover Moore []
Monday, 22 November 2004 4:53 PM
To: Electorate Office Bligh
Subject: Redfern Waterloo Authority Bill

Dear residents

The Redfern Waterloo Authority Bill has passed the Lower House. This Bill gives extraordinary powers to Minister Sartor.

Under this Bill the Minster will be the landowner, developer and consent authority for both public and private land. Ministerial powers include the ability to: override existing heritage protection; annexe or extend the boundaries of the area without reference to Parliament; create special officers with unspecified powers and take development contributions from sites outside the designated area, specifically and immediately the Carlton United Brewery site.

The Bill which sets a dangerous precedent has been presented as a way of addressing the social needs of Redfern/Waterloo. It is nothing more than a grab for cash and has nothing to do with the community renewal of Redfern/Waterloo.

I urge you to urgently contact members of the Cross Bench and Opposition by Friday 3 December so that a stop can be put to this draconian legislation.

I enclose:

  • Summary of the Bill;
  • My Hansard speech;
  • The amendment; and
  • Explanation of my amendments (see particularly Clauses 27, 28, 36, 44, and 45).

Cross Bench Members                                                     

Fred Nile                 9230 2132                                                                 

Gordon Moyes        9230 2132                                              

Peter Breen            9230 2883                                                                      

Peter Wong            9230 3523    

John Tingle             9230 3059    

Jon Jenkins             9230 2752    

David Oldfield         9230 2083    



John Brogden                              9999 3599

Don Harwin (Opposition Whip)      9230 3519

Duncan Gay                                9230 2329

Local community group REDWatch also has significant concerns about this Bill. Contact REDWatch for information about their concerns, and to be sent regular email updates. The contact person is Geoffrey Turnbull, telephone 9318 0824, or email

Yours sincerely

Clover Moore