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17 February 2006

RWA Draft Built Environment Plan Update / How to get involved in deciding Redfern Waterloo’s future / State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) on Display for Redfern-Waterloo / REDWatch Website has Text Version of Draft Built Environment Plan and PDF Copies of Individual Maps / Summary of RWA Draft Built Environment Plan (BEP) / RWA Human Services Consultations Submissions to be released / Macdonaldtown Stabling Yards Update / Green Square Active / Local MPs Email Updates

In this issue,

RWA Draft Built Environment Plan Update

How to get involved in deciding Redfern Waterloo’s future

State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) on Display for Redfern-Waterloo

REDWatch Website has Text Version of Draft Built Environment Plan and PDF Copies of Individual Maps

Summary of RWA Draft Built Environment Plan (BEP)

RWA Human Services Consultations Submissions to be released

Macdonaldtown Stabling Yards Update

Green Square Active

Local MPs Email Updates

Coming Events (entered on the REDWatch website)

RWA Draft Built Environment Plan Update

The RWA has issued a Redfern Waterloo Update on the Draft Built Environment Plan (BE Plan). This can be downloaded from the RWA website (PDF 156KB). We think that many people will find the summary of the changes proposed for each of the 8 state significant areas in the RWA Update less than illuminating so at the foot of this email we have produced our own summary to give people a quick overview of what is proposed for each site. If you find it useful then please spread it around.

The Urban renewal page of the RWA website has also been updated with information about the BE Plan see .

How to get involved in deciding Redfern Waterloo’s future

Find out what is being proposed for your community by reading the Draft Plan - request a mailed copy from the RWA by phoning the RWA’s office on 9202 9100 or emailing your postal details to and asking for them to mail you a copy. You can also download the sections of the document from the RWA website at (details of what is in each PDF file is available from ).

Attend an RWA Information Session and have the Plan explained and ask any questions – Information sessions will be held between 4pm and 5pm, Monday to Friday 27 February 2006 to 10 March 2006 at Redfern-Waterloo Authority Level 11,Tower 2, 1 Lawson Square, Redfern.

Be Involved in Focus groups and make your suggestions to the RWA - register your interest to participate in the RWA’s focus groups on the BE Plan by phoning 9202 9100 or emailing

Make a written Submission / Response to the Plan - Deadline: 5pm on Friday 14 April 2006 - mail to: Redfern-Waterloo Authority PO Box 3332 Redfern NSW 2016

Attend the RWA Built Environment Plan Community Forum - Saturday 4 March, 1pm – 3pm Redfern Town Hall 73 Pitt Street, Redfern

Spread the word about the BE Plan in your community its organisations and networks so people find out about it and have a chance to find out more and have their say.

Get involved in the local residents group REDWatch – REDWatch meets on the 4th Sunday of the Month (December excluded) at 2pm at the Factory Centre – for more information contact Geoff Turnbull on 9318 0824 or email .

State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) on Display for Redfern-Waterloo

The deadline for submissions on the RWA’s draft Built Environment Plan has been pushed back a week to April 14th as a result of a delay in advertising the SEPP which is on simultaneous display. The existing SEPP (Major Projects) 2005 is being amended rather than a new SEPP being created. The original SEPP and the amendments proposed can now be downloaded from The main documents are State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Projects) 2005 (web page)  Draft State Environmental Planning Policy (Major Projects) Amendment (Redfern-Waterloo) Policy 2006 (PDF 282Kb) Draft SEPP map - zoning (PDF Map 923KB) Draft SEPP map - building height (PDF Map 936KB) Draft SEPP map - floor space ratio (PDF Map 953 KB).

Further inquiries: Information Centre on 1300 305 695 or email Anyone can comment on the draft amendment. Please email  (with 'SEPP (Major Projects) Redfern-Waterloo amendment' in the subject line) or post to Director General, Department of Planning, GPO Box 39 Sydney NSW 2001. Closing date: Submissions to be received by 5.00 pm 14 April 2006 (same date as RWA Draft Built Environment Plan deadline).

REDWatch Website has Text Version of Draft Built Environment Plan and PDF Copies of Individual Maps

The REDWatch website has a text version of Built Environment Plan which can be found at . We have also created individual PDF files maps and tables so you can use a particular map as a stand alone if required. The text version of the BEP has links to the maps and tables. The PDF file size is shown in brackets after the links. Some files are still very large and we have been talking to the RWA about trying to get smaller files without losing all the detail and if we are successful we will replace the existing file with some that are smaller.

The REDWatch has separated the section on the State Significant sites so people using the web can access the major information on a site by site basis. We will add further information on these sites over time. The link to this part of the REDWatch site is . The RWA say that the plans are based on earlier studies and can compare the RWA BEP with the earlier RED consultations at  or with the SMH leaked cabinet documents at .

Recent media stories about the RWA BEP, such as Verity Firth’s opinion piece in the SMH Indigenous heartland under threat and Paul Dorron’s SMH letter A fixation that improvement means tall buildings, are also being added to the REDWatch website media section as they appear, as are new coming events so keep an eye on for any changes.

RWA Human Services Consultations Submissions to be released

The RWA has recently contacted those making submissions to the RWA concerning the Draft Human Services Plan asking for their permission to make the submissions public. The Human Services Ministerial Advisory Committee has requested that the submissions received during the consultation period for the Human Services Plan are posted on the RWA Webpage. So keep an eye on the RWA website. It is important for community trust in the RWA that submissions be made public so the community can see what was suggested and gauge the RWA’s subsequent amendments to the draft. We hope that this same process will be followed for subsequent consultations like those currently being conducted on the Draft Employment and Enterprise Plan and the Draft Built Environment Plan.

Macdonaldtown Stabling Yards Update

The Transport Infrastructure Development Corporation (TIDC) response to submissions regarding the Macdonaldtown Stabling Yards is due towards the end of the month.  There will also be a website tracking the progress of the work to be done on the yards. RailCorp has appointed Colin Coakley as Precinct Manager for the Macdonaldtown Train Stabling project and he has met with people from the No Stabling Yards Macdonaldtown Group.

If you want to be kept informed on this issue send Colin your email address for regular updates on the project and let him know any of your concerns about the way the project is going. Colin's contact details are as follows: Colin Coakley, Precinct Manager Macdonaldtown, Corporate Services Property Division Railcorp, Level 16, 55 Market Street, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel: 02 9224 4051  Int: 34051 Fax: 02 9224 3566 Mobile: 0438 606 169 email . The community group No Stabling Yards Macdonaldtown can be contacted by emailing .

It was interesting to note that the RWA Draft Built Environment Plan also expresses a concern about the possibility of noise at the Stabling Yards effecting residential amenity and in reference to the proposed residential development on the western end of North Eveleigh states that it will: “Ensure that new development is designed and located to minimise acoustic impacts from the railway corridor and rail related activities, in particular the proposed McDonaldtown Stabling facility.“ – Page 38

Green Square Active

A new community organization, Green Square Active, was formed last year to give a voice to people likely to be affected by rapid changes happening and projected within the Green Square area. Their current focus is the new Draft Local Environment Plan (LEP) for the Green Square Town Centre which is on public exhibition until 27th February. The draft LEP has provision for building as high as 26 stories (at or around Green Square Station), with building heights decreasing from there out. More information can be found at

Green Square Active, is holding a community meeting to discuss the LEP on Thursday, 23 February 7:30 pm at Green Square Church, Collins Street, Beaconsfield. Local MP Kristina Keneally will attend the meeting along with a representative from Landcom, the State Government body that will manage the development of Green Square Town Centre project. This is a crucial stage in what is likely to have huge effects on those who live in the area – and there are only a few weeks to make submissions. If you would like more information on Green Square Active contact Rev Keith Mascord email .

Local MPs Email Updates

Kristina Keneally has started sending out weekly “Heffron E-Herald” emails if you would like to be added to her email list email  with SUBSCRIBE HEFFRON  E-HERALD in the subject line and your name, email address and suburb in the body of the email.

Clover Moore, MP for Bligh also sends out regular emails and you can be added to her email list by emailing  with SUBSCRIBE eNEWS in the subject and your name, email address and suburb in the body of the email.

Summary of RWA Draft Built Environment Plan (BEP) for current State Significant Sites and proposed for Stage Two of the BEP.

Planning Terminology: Floor Space Ratios (FSR) are the proportion of floor space allowed compared to land area, so 2:1 indicates there can be twice as much floor space as land area. Height restrictions indicate the maximum allowable heights. Height and FSR interact so at a FSR of 2:1, a building of 4 storeys might only cover half the land area, depending on the design and other development requirements.

Australian Technology Park

Current ATP Master Plan to be revised to increase FSR from 1.2:1 to 2:1 with maximum heights increasing from 9 to 11 storeys. RWA estimate final ATP floor space will increase by 20% to 200,000 square metres providing 5,000-8,000 jobs. Approximately four times the current size. Improved connections to Railway Station and North Eveleigh including reinstating a foot and bicycle bridge as well as possible vehicle tunnel. Zoned as Business Park with some Public Recreation along Henderson road.     

North Eveleigh

Currently disused railway land between Wilson St and the railway line with the old Carriage Workshop being renovated as a Contemporary Performing Arts facility in the middle of the site. On the western end the RWA propose a predominantly residential development with mixed business and residential closer to Redfern station. FSR for entire site to be 2:1 with heights to be from 4 to 10 storeys with 16 storey iconic building towards Redfern Station. Similar height frontages to existing buildings along Wilson St are made possible by using the existing cutting on railway land. Improved linkages to ATP.   Zoned as Business Zone and Special Purposes – Infrastructure.     

South Eveleigh

Currently railway land to north west of ATP will provide for further ATP expansion with 2:1 FSR and 4 to 12 storey heights.  Zoned as Business Park and Special Purpose – Infrastructure. No zoning changes proposed for adjoining private and DoH residential land.

Eveleigh Street

Currently private land bounded by Cleveland, Abercrombie, Vine, Louis, Lawson and the railway line. This area has been divided into northly and southly portions by the RWA. In the South, which includes the Block, maximum heights increase from 2-3 storeys to 3-5 storeys while FSR increases from 1:1 to 1.5:1 for mixed development but are reduced to 0.5:1 for purely residential developments like to proposed Pemulwuy project. In the north heights increase from 3-4 storeys to 4-5 storeys while FSR increase from 1.5:1 to 3:1 for mixed and decreases to 1:1 for purely residential with maximum heights increasing from 3-4 storeys to 4-5 storeys. Zoned as Business – Mixed Use with Pemulwuy Park retained as Public Recreation.

Redfern Railway Station

Plans for a new Redfern railway station are being developed and are expected to be made available by the RWA later in 2006. Station would probably not be finished before 2010.

Gibbons - Regent Streets

This area bounded in the north by Lawson Square and in the south by Margaret St is to be developed as the commercial core of Redfern with maximum heights changing from 4 storeys to 2-18 storeys and FSR going from 2:1 and 3:1 to 7:1 (slightly lower than developments permitted around Central railway station). The RWA zoning creates 5 areas for buildings rising to 18 storeys surrounded by 5-7 storey developments. The northern section of the park between Rosehill and Gibbons Sts is built over by a 5 to 18 story building. A civic space created between the station and Regent St. No solution has currently been found for the regional traffic that separates Redfern and Regent Sts from the station although some light and clearway changes could lessen impact. Zoning is to be Business Zone – Commercial Core.      

Former Rachel Forster Hospital

This site is to be zoned as medium density residential with maximum heights of 3 to 5 storeys and a FSR of 1.5:1. It is unclear if the medical centre currently fronting Albert St would remain.     

Former Redfern Police Station & Court House

The existing court house is to remain at its existing building height with the old police station to be replaced with a maximum 3 to 6 storey building. The FSR for the whole site is 1.3:1 and the site is to be zoned as Business Zone – Local Centre.

Former Redfern Public School

This site is in the process of being sold to the Indigenous Land Corporation for a Centre for Aboriginal cultural, social and sporting excellence and is to be zoned as Special Purposes – Community. The RWA propose that the existing school buildings in the south east corner of the site be retained and that maximum heights of 4 and 7 storeys apply to other parts of the site with FSR for site of 2:1. Residential development on site is to be limited to accommodation ancillary to business, educational and recreational purposes. The RWA are proposing that east-west and north-south vehicle, pedestrian and cycle traffic corridors be created.

Stage Two of the Built Environment Plan

Subject to the governments undertakings to public tenants the primary focus of the proposed Stage Two of the Built Environment Plan will be the development of proposals to:

  • revitalise public housing stock
  • improve the associated public domain
  • reduce concentration of public housing
  • increase the local population to establish a more sustainable social mix
  • facilitate the provision of affordable housing, including a shared equity model of home ownership.